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Warhammer 40K: Our Favorite Forge World Tyranid Units

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Nov 12 2020

With the new Imperial Armour Compendium we’re re-evaluating our Forge World preferences. Today – we tackle the Tyranids!

I’ve been looking forward to busting out my Tyranids for 9th. With that said a new codex isn’t in sight for a while and I’ve been wanting to add something to my lists just to change things up. With the new Imperial Armour Compendium I figured, “why not?” and have selected a trio of units that I *might* actually want to pick-up and run with from Forge World. So let’s take a look at them!

Now, I did stay away from the Super-heavy options. Why? I wanted something I could add to my existing armies without having to re-build around it. A Harridan or Hierophant would be GREAT and all – but 1) that’s a lot of resin 2) that’s a lot of points and 3) that’s a lot of money. So we’re sticking with some of the more uh…reasonable options.


The Malanthrope is a great option to start with. For one, it was already a popular pick for Tyranids and, if you don’t have one as a Tyranid player, you should consider picking one up. Why? Well for starters it’s an HQ option and if you DON’T want to run a Hive Tyrant, why not go for something like this? Clocking in at 150 points, it’s got some nice boosts for your army, too.

Shrouding Spores did take a slight hit as you can’t really stack the -1 to hit any more. But that’s okay as it’s still going to be useful (just not quite as good). Strangely, this is a model which doesn’t shy away from close combat. While it’s personal stats are kind of junk it can do some damage with its Enhanced Toxic Miasma and the Prey Adaption ain’t bad! It’s still kind of squishy…But we still like this purely support HQ option.


Like the idea of a Big Bug but looking for something inbetween a Carnifex and a Hierodule but also looks kind of like a Hive Tyrant on Steroids? Check out the Dimachaeron! It’s also in the Fast Attack slot which is kinda cool. It’s a beast in close combat and will quite literally eat a unit’s face.


It’s got the potential to drop a Knight with a minimum of 24 damage if all it’s attacks hit, wound and the Knight fails all the saves. So it’s got that going for it. The Dimachaeron also has pretty good armor for a Tyranid with a 3+/5++ save. But what really takes the cake it’s ability to eat units and regen. Hopefully that will allow this one to stick around and finish the fight! For 230 points, it BETTER stick around, right?!?

Stone-Crusher Carnifex

I’m opting for a Carnifex. It’s no secret that I’m a fan of these Big Bugs. And with the changes in 9th edition, I think that Carnifexes just might be able to make more of an impact in the game than in the previous edition.

I really like both of the weapon options for the Stone-Crusher. The Bio-flail can generate a ton of attacks and is really good at taking out those pesky 2 wound Marines now. On the flip side, the Wrecker Claws will maul other vehicles or monsters. The re-roll to hit is also really useful. And this beast also brings it’s own +1 to hit on the charge thanks to the Carapace Chitin Rams. At 105 points, what’s not to like?

Well those are our favorite Tyranid Units from Forge World. You can find rules for them in the new Imperial Armour Compendium and you can pick-up these models from Forge World.




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