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Warhammer 40K: Space Wolves Codex Overview

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Nov 3 2020

We got our hands on the new Space Wolves Codex Supplement and it gives us hope for the future of supplemental codexes.

A sleeker, slimmer book than a full codex, this new Space Wolves Codex Supplement still packs a bite:

Let’s just get this out of the way first – it’s a hardback book that is “only” 88 pages long compared to the massive Space Marines Codex. That said, it’s got a TON of info in there plus all the Space Wolves specific units you can can handle. So while it is smaller than a full codex, that’s because all the “fat” from Codex Space Marines isn’t re-printed in this book. You’ll still need Codex Space Marines to have access to all the rules, but odds were you probably have that book already if you’ve got a power armor army.

All The Wolf You Can Handle

Aside from the big chunk of lore, this book covers all the rules and units you’ll need to field your Space Wolves army. If you were wondering where the Chapter Specific characters would end up in the new edition (after their absence from the main Space Marine Codex) the answer is in the supplements. Turns out there are a LOT of Space Wolf specific units and GW went way back to bring characters into the codex. Remember Krom Dragongaze from Tooth and Claw? Yep, he’s in there! Plus a bunch of other characters, too.

Wulfen, Murderfang, Long Fangs, Thunderwolf Cavalry, Grey Hunters, Wolf Guard, Iron Priests – the list goes on. They are all back and it makes for a pretty packed book. In fact, this Codex Supplement has more units in it than some armies have in their entire codex!


I know where you are!

On top of the 30 or so Datasheets, you’ve also got all the expected rules in there, too. Stratagems, Relics, Warlord Traits, their own set of Psychic Powers, and all the brand new Crusade Rules and more. So yeah, it’s kind of what you’d expect – minus all the repeat units from Codex Space Marines.

Hope For The Future Supplements

One of the new things that actually gives us hope for the upcoming Blood Angels and Dark Angels books is the fact that a new unit was added to the mix. Now, it’s really just a re-box with an accessory Sprue tossed in – but you know what, we’re cool with that. Why? Because they got new rules and it IS a new unit.

GW essentially took Reivers and made a special new unit of them that is designed for Psyker Hunting. They added some new rules, lore and tweaked the paint scheme and boom – we got a new toy to play with. I’m excited by this prospect because they could easily do this for both the Blood Angels and the Dark Angels. Maybe it will just be a new Death Company Box for the Blood Angels – but if it’s Assault Intercessors with the BA upgrade sprue, I’d be fine with that! Same for the Dark Angels. It could be a Hellblaster Squad or something along those lines. Or maybe the new Heavy Assault Intercessors. Again, it doesn’t really matter which Primaris Unit as long as they come up with some rules that match and create a new unit.


I don’t know what GW has planned for those books but I’m looking forward to find out. Furthermore, I’m also curious about what’s going to happen with the previous supplements now because after looking at this new one and the Deathwatch book, I gotta say that these versions are better. Will we see a refresh of the other books? I think that’s more an eventuality instead of a possibility.

The new Space Wolves Codex Supplement is a winner. It’s a the new format and it’s just a good update to the format of how GW was doing all the Space Marine codexes. Leave the generic Space Marine stuff in the main codex and have the chapter specific stuff in the supplement – there was PLENTY of rules to go around.

The Space Wolves Codex Supplement is up for Pre-Order and will be in stores this weekend.

Want to know how the Space Wolves stack up in terms of a more competitive slant? Stay tuned for Goatboy’s thoughts on the new Wolves.

The Sons of Russ are back and ready to take a bite out of the tabletop!

Author: Adam Harrison
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