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Warhammer Next Week: Blood Angels Codex, New Marine Minis

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Nov 22 2020

Next week brings the all-new Blood Angels Codex, alongside the release of all new minis, including the Primaris main battle tank. Check it out!

Hope you’re feeling sanguine this coming weekend, because the Blood Angels are out in force, and with releases like these we’re all feeling the red thirst. Remember, it’s only heresy if you get caught–so let’s take a look at what’s coming.

via Warhammer Community

First things first, the new Codex. This is the one folks have been waiting for. Updated rules for all the Blood Angels models, as well as unique rules for the Chapter and its successors. Plus all the datacards, custom dice, and so on you’d expect. This book will bring the Blood Angels in line with their battle brethren.

But alongside that the Blood Angels are getting reinforcements. There’s the new Combat Patrol box, pictured above… which comes with troops, a Librarian, an Impulsor, and some Blood Angels upgrade frames to add battle honours. Or, if you want, you can grab the new Death Company Intercessors:

This kit includes five multipart Intercessors, plus a Blood Angels upgrade frame, and pairs well with the Assault Intercessors, so you can outfit your Death Company the way you want.


In the new Assault Intercessor kit, you’ll find new weapon options, poses, and enough extra bits to customize the sergeant or lieutenant of your dreams. But, if you prefer something a little less choppy and a whole lot more explodey, you’ll want to check out the new Gladiator.

This is the Primaris Marines’ main battle tank. Like the rest of its brethren, it’s built from strapping anti-grav skis to the body of another Imperial vehicle, but chunkier. This time it has shades of the Land Raider, but chunkier. And with three different possible loadouts, you’ll be sure to find the loadout you need.

All this, next week!

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