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Warhammer Next Week: It’s Blood Bowl Season, And Zoats Are Coming

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Nov 8 2020
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Do you smell it? The fresh-hewn pitch, the sweat of your team, the metal tang of blood everywhere? It’s Blood Bowl season next weekend.

Blood Bowl’s newest season begins next weekend with the pre-order release of a new boxed set featuring two new teams and updated rules, a new treeman player, an undead team, and a zoat. It doesn’t get better than this for Blood Bowl fans. Glory is yours for the taking. Let’s have a look.

via Warhammer Community

Let’s start off with the new Blood Bowl box, which will get both you and a friend started playing Blood Bowl. It has the new rulebook, two teams (the Bogenhafen Barons and the Thunder Valley Greenskins, as well as a pair of referees, a double-sided pitch, two dugouts, two sets of dice, templates, tokens, counters, and if you’re still looking for something you can wear the box as a hat too.

The Bogenhafen Barons are looking incredibly decked out in feathers and finery. The Greenskins, on the other hand, have brought out all the stops (including a snack for their star player, Varag Ghoul-Chewer).

If neither of those teams strikes your fancy, you can still pick up the new Blood Bowl rules by themselves, which include new rosters for the 21 current Blood Bowl teams and details for 23 Star Players, as well as updated rules and regulations for the new season.


Including teams like the new Wolfenburg Cryp-Stealers, who are a veritable monster mash of zombies, ghouls, wraiths, werewolves, and flesh golems. You might be wondering whatever happened to your Transylvania twist, but these necromantic horrors know: mash good.

But let’s get to the big release now. Because coming up for a pre-order is a new Treeman kit, accompanied by Akhorne the Squirrel. Just look at how this treeman is “wearing” the helmet.

Or if you prefer something a little zoat-ier, which is a highly specific want, there’s Zolcath the Zoat. A star blitzer who will add strength and toughness and scales to any team that he plays for. Just look at him in all his zoat-y goodness.


All this, next week!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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