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AoS: Champions of Order Brings Lumineth To Soulbound

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Dec 28 2020

Soulbound’s new book, Champions of Order is loaded with new options for heroes of the Mortal Realms. Check out newly unveiled archetypes!

Adventure descends once more on the Mortal Realms with a new book that provides players with everything they need to play as bold heroes with new archetypes. Champions of Order, as the name implies, is all about heroes from the largest of Grand Alliances.

You’ll find a deeper look at the lore of the Soulbound, as well as new archetypes, touching on newer factions, including the Lumineth Realm Lords. You’ll also find a ton of new talents and miracles, meaning you can customize characters even further. If you’re looking to expand your game in a big way, this is exactly the book for you. Check out some of the new archetypes below for a taste of things to come.

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Alarith Stoneguard

Spiritually attuned to the peaks of Hysh, you protect your elemental patron by putting a mountain’s weight behind every strike.

The Alarith Stoneguard can assume ‘mountain stance’ in combat. In this stance, the Stoneguard is almost impossible to move, making them perfectly suited for protecting their allies or defending vital locations.

Alarith Stonemage


You have endured the worst of the mountain’s punishment to prove your sincerity, and now you may channel its strength.

The Alarith Stonemage wields a powerful new Lore of magic — the Lore of the High Peaks. The magic of the High Peaks is taught by the aelementiri and is drawn from the spirit of the mountain. It allows the wielder to hurl rocks and boulders, and to bend gravity to confound and crush their adversaries.

Cinari Cathallar

You carry all your kin’s repressed emotions, which you use to suffocate the enemies of the light.

The Scinari Cathallar carry a heaven burden, drawing in the worst impulses and emotions of those around them so others need not suffer. The Scinari teeters over the abyss of negative emotion and has managed to weaponise this. In play, the Scinari can use tap into Doom to gain a bonus to spellcasting Tests, making them more powerful as the world falls to darkness.

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