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D&D: Chris Pine In Talks To Star In The Dungeons & Dragons Movie

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Dec 15 2020
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Can playing Captain Kirk outweigh starring in a Dungeons & Dragons movie? We’re about to find out, because Chris Pine is in talks for the D&D movie.

How much goodwill does it take to weather being in one D&D movie? Jeremy Irons pulled it off. Thora Birch did as well, but she had both Hocus Pocus and American Beauty to bolster her pre-D&D rep. Chris Pine, who I’m told has not in fact played Captain America, Thor, or Starlord, is currently in talks to star in the upcoming D&D movie. But despite these shortcomings, Pine does have an ace up his sleeve.

Of course, playing Nicholas Devereaux only gets you so far. Even so, Pine is currently negotiating a deal to star in the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons movie, creatively titled Dungeons & Dragons. The D&D movie, produced through Hasbro and their newly acquired media wing, eOne and Paramount, has been through a lot lately. Originally slated to release in July next year, that looks to be about when shooting will begin, according to the latest from Paramount. They’re hoping to start shooting first quarter next year in Belfast, which is still plenty of time to wrangle the rest of the cast.

It has been absurdly hard to get even to this point for the D&D movie. Nature abhors a vacuum, and apparently a D&D movie–there were disputes over the rights that didn’t end until 2013. Even then, the movie was proceeding apace with footage being “shot” before the script was even finished. But under John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, who wrote the 2nd-best Spiderman movie (it was the best right up until Into the Spider-Verse came along and showed everyone what a superhero movie should look like), it seems like the film had finally found its feet before a global pandemic hit, disrupting every industry like it was a Silicon Valley startup with holistic snacks, a pocket full of venture capital, and an idea that’s basically Uber but for plants/dogs/art/craft brewing/doing odd jobs.

Why anyone would want to follow after Uber, which loses more than a billion dollars every year is beyond me, which I suppose makes a kind of sense considering that we’re talking about an equally out-there scheme with the D&D movie.

It’s unclear who Pine will be playing, but here’s a list of the roles as we know them so far according to what sources have told Fandomwire:

  • Raven Hightower is one of the lead males as he is in 88 scenes. He has dark eyes, long hair, and a beard and he wears an oiled cloak, leather armor and wields a magic flamesword. He is an honorable man as he and his sister were once slaves but she died and he is still haunted by her passing.
  • Hack Karroway is another lead male, having a gigantic 77 scenes, but he is a voice-over character. He is a former human turned Half-Dragon, now standing seven feet tall with a long tail and blood-red scales. He wears human armor and has a large bastard sword and can breathe fire. He’s intelligent and logical.
  • Otivan Trickfoot is a strong support male with 51 scenes and he’s a gnome who wears magic rings. He is cunning and untrustworthy.
  • Alyssa Steelsong is a strong support female with 41 scenes. She is the leader of the masked warriors and wields a mace. She is next in line to be the Lord Protector of the Triadic Knights after Palarandusk dies.
  • Malanthius is a supporting male with 26 scenes. He is skinny, longhaired and young and he is a spellcaster.
  • Razer Horlbar is a supporting male with 14 scenes. He is a handsome elf with jet-black skin and has pointed ears and long white hair. He is the leader of the cloaked men and is in charge of Damaia and The Beast.
  • Damaia is a supporting female with 10 scenes. She is a Tiefling, a race descended from demons. She has horns, pointed teeth, and a long tail.
  • The Beast is a supporting male with 9 scenes and he is a huge, cloaked man who wears an expressionless wooden mask.
  • Bickety is a supporting male with 9 scenes, he is a human swordsman with a scar-ridden face and he is an adventurer.
  • Zanril is a supporting male with 9 scenes. He is a bald warlock adventurer who explores the Demon Temples with Karroway and Hightower.
  • Skeever is a supporting male with 7 scenes and he is a half-orc adventurer.
  • Palarandusk is supporting male with only 3 scenes. He is an ancient gold dragon and Lord Protector of the Triadic Knights. He has cracked scales and dangling spines with catfish whiskers. He eats gemstones to stay alive.

Now, it seems like Raven Hightower or Hack Karroway. Either way, we’ll know once shooting starts–if it ever does. Here’s hoping. I suppose getting a D&D movie is a small price to pay, but hopefully soon, we’ll all be able to make bad decisions like filming a D&D movie without putting the public at risk of catching a deadly disease.

Okay but Chris Pine was in the Sonic Movie right? What do you mean, ‘no’?

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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