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D&D: Playtest The “Advanced” Ranger Today

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Dec 6 2020

What happens when a Ranger stops being a hybrid spellcaster, and starts being effective? Check out the latest from Level Up, the “Advanced” 5E Rules.

The folks behind the “Advanced 5th Edition” rules continue to ramp up their playtest. Last time, we got to check out new rules for the Range, which makes some significant changes to the class. For this initial pass, the folks behind Level Up have offered up their version of the ranger, which isn’t inherently a spellcaster. Sure, some rangers still gain spellcasting from their archetypes, but the default assumption isn’t that the ranger is a hybrid fighter/caster. What does this mean? They use different maeuvers and exploration knacks that we’ve seen from the fighter and rogue playtests. This ranger is still centered in nature in a way that feels playable. Check it out.

Overall you get to decide what your ranger playstyle will be–the familiar choices of “good with bow” and “good with mobility” are still around. The new ranger is very good with weapons, and can draw on accuracy at any time. You’re still great at surviving in nature, and the different knacks open up plenty of options:

  • Befriending a beast of CR 1/8 or less
  • Brewing a drink that removes exhaustion
  • Mimicing a monster
  • Detecting unseen creatures
  • Studying body language and more to know what a creature is thinking

On top of that you get combat maneuvers and extra survival options that benefit you when you’re in “familiar terrain” which is a choice you can make and swap as you travel through different natural environments.

via Level Up

Download the playtest document

Are you ready to level up your 5E game? Welcome to Level Up, the standalone ‘advanced 5E’ backwards compatible tabletop RPG coming in 2021! A crunchier, more flexible version of the 5E ruleset which you know and love. If you love 5E but would like a little more depth to the ruleset, Level Up is the game for you!


What this is
This is a playtest document. We’d love you to try out the rules presented here, and then answer the follow-up survey in a few days.

What this is not
This is NOT the final game. It’s OK if you don’t like elements of these rules; that’s the purpose of a playtest document. Be sure to participate in the follow-up survey in a few days. All data, positive or negative is useful.

What we use this for
Your survey responses help form the direction of the game as it goes through the development process.


Happy Adventuring!

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