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MtG: Metal Bands Unveil The First Of Kaldheim’s New Cards

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Dec 16 2020

Kaldheim is a Magic set all about vikings, and vikings mean metal, which is why Mastodon, Torche, and Angra are spoiling new Magic Cards this week.

Come take your first few steps into Kaldheim, the world of vikings and Norse myth inspired gods and monsters and giants. In the icy realm, this land of midnight suns where the hot springs flow, and the hammer of the gods that drives our ships to new lands is probably quite literal, one thing is clear… it’s metal.

Metal and vikings go together like wizards and vans. And this week, Kaldheim, the newest set for Magic: the Gathering, Wizards of the Coast is getting extremely metal with their reveals. Which is why Mastodon and Torche are here to show you some new cards. No really.


Check out the new cards below. First up, Mastodon revealed that Modal DFC’s are back. You might be familiar with the mechanic from Zendikar Rising. And here are the Kaldheim sets, with lands on either side:


This brings a ton of flexibility to the new set, as you’ll get to select which color you’re using, so you can run multiple colors without worry. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg/swamp. Torche is also here to reveal a new card. The Pyre of Heroes:

The Pyre of Heroes lets you sacrifice a creature to trade it up for something better. You can only do it when you can do a sorcery, but even so it’s still a powerful new card. Finally, Angra also have a card to show off, a card that sounds like it’s either the title of a Metal Album or at the very least a 12 minute ballad: Showdown of the Skalds.

Well. Saga is back, folks. Saga, which first appeared in Dominaria and then in Theros Beyond Death, is an enchantment that gives you the opportunity to trigger lore counters for each chapter–seen above, the turn you cast the spell you’d get the I ability, and on the following two turns, the II and III ability is in effect. These are powerful enchantments that can set up a good run of turns if you’re prepared for them.

Anyway, that’s all of the new spoilers for now, but we’ll keep you posted as more come out.

In the meantime, raise your axe for Kaldheim.


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