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Star Wars: Legion – Lando & Kallus Announced

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Dec 17 2020

Lando Calrissian and Agent Kallus are coming to the tabletop in Star Wars: Legion!

Fantasy Flight Games is adding two more commanders to Star Wars: Legion. One is a former criminal turned upstanding business man and the other is a well known Imperial Agent. It’s Lando Calrissian and Agent Kallus!

via Fantasy Flight Games

Lando Calrissian Commander Expansion $14.95

A smooth talking scoundrel and gambler, Lando Calrissian likes to keep his allegiance close to his chest. But when the chips are down and the galaxy is at stake, he sides with the freedom fighters of the Rebel Alliance. From captain of the Millennium Falcon to Administrator of Cloud City, no leadership role Calrissian has taken on is as important as Rebel general and he brings all this experience to the battles of Star Wars: Legion.

This expansion contains everything you need to add Lando Calrissian as a commander of your Rebel armies, beginning with a beautifully sculpted, unpainted hard plastic miniature that reflects Calrissian’s unique sense of style. Not only will you find three different options for his signature cape, you’ll also be able to choose between two facial expressions and whether or not Calrissian appears reaching for his X-8 Night Sniper Pistol in its holster or has it at the ready.

While the miniature gives Calrissian a unique presence on the battlefield, other components, like his unit card and three signature command cards, represent his history as a gambler and his tendency to take high stakes risks. Finally, Lando Calrissian isn’t one to enter a fight unprepared, and this expansion also includes six upgrade cards that give him access to the gear and training he needs to take on any challenge.


One of the things that makes Lando truly unique on the tabletop is that he gets to use  contingency cards. These are basically 3 extra command cards that he can choose before the start of the game. When you reveal a command card you can swap it out with one of your contingency cards before any effects are resolved – then you use the new card’s text instead! This makes for a very versatile play style with Lando calling the shots. You can read more about his abilities here.


Agent Kallus Commander Expansion $14.95


Feared both within and without the Imperial ranks, the Imperial Security Bureau scours the galaxy for any disloyal to the Empire. Agent Kallus is one of the ISB’s most effective agents, using his cunning and combat prowess to snuff out the spark of rebellion at its source.

This expansion invites you to put this ruthless agent in command of your Imperial army, beginning with a highly customizable, unpainted hard plastic Agent Kallus miniature that reflects his status as a ruthless Imperial agent. In addition to choosing between two facial expressions for your miniature, you’ll also be able to assemble your Agent Kallus with the trademark Imperial Security Bureau helmet or with no helmet at all. Finally, Agent Kallus is deadly up close and with a blaster and you can choose whether he appears with his signature J-19 Bo-Rifle in its blaster or staff forms.


While these features project Kallus’ status as a relentless ISB agent, his unit card clearly outlines all of his abilities and his three signature command cards reflect his capacity to shape your strategy. Despite all of his skills, Kallus is still susceptible to sympathizing with his enemies, a weakness that is reflected in Flaw card included with this expansion. Finally, Agent Kallus carefully calculates what he’ll need for each battle and seven upgrade cards invite you to choose the gear and training that best fits your battle plan.



Agent Kallus is also getting access to those contingency cards. The difference is that he’s only getting 2 cards instead of 3. He’s still a cunning adversary but not quite as forward thinking as Lando. The trade-off is that he’s a bit more effective in combat situations.

Kallus packs a punch and is capable of leading from the front – as in he’s not afraid to charge in there and mess up some rebels! He makes a great addition to the Imperial line-up and he works great with other Imperial Commanders and Operatives.



Both of these expansion are slated for release in February 2021!

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