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Warhammer 40K: 2020’s Minis Missing In Action

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Dec 14 2020
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40K has had a banner year, but as 2020 winds down, we still have so many minis left to go!

202 is coming to an end (FINALLY) and since 9th Edition launched 6 months ago, the miniatures have been rapid-firing out of warehouses and into out locked down hands. While things were fast and furious a couple month’s back it has slowed to a crawl as the holiday season approaches.  We know the next few codexes and it’s time to take a look at what we can still expect.

Hello 2021

Back in September GW was holding about 40 new units that had been announced for the Space Marine and Necron ranges, but not releases. We figured there was no way all of these could be knocked out in time and it looks like that has come to pass. Here we sit with the end of the year in sight and we have some new recently revealed minis to add to the list.

We are putting the already released kits in red italics, and the unreleased kits in black.

Primaris Marines

Captain with Master Crafted Heavy Bolt Rifle

Primaris Chaplain on Bike

Primaris Techmarine

Assault Intercessor Squad

Heavy Intercessor Squad


Bladeguard Ancient

Bladeguard Veteran Squad


Outrider Squad

Invader ATV Squad


Storm Speeder Hailstrike

Storm Speeder Hammerstrike

Storm Speeder Thunderstrike

Eradicator Squad

Firestorm Servo-Turret

Gladiator Lancer

Gladiator Reaper


Gladiator Valiant

Hammerfall Bunker

14 Units Released, 5 units Remain


Royal Warden


Skorpekh Lord

Skorpekh Destroyers & Canotek Plasmacyte



Canoptek Reanimator

New Necron Warriors

New Overlord

Lokhust Heavy Destroyer

Canoptek Doomstalker

Silent King


Void Dragon C’tan Shard

Convergence of Dominion

New Monolith

Hexmark Destroyer

Ophydian Destroyers

New Flayed Ones



16 Units Released, 3 Units Remain

Death Guard

Miasmic Malignifier

1 Unit Remains




No Units Announced

Happy New Year

So let’s break these down. I expect the remaining kits (focussed on shooting and speed) to accompany Dark Angels in a one-week release window. That fits like a glove. On the Necrons, I think we will get a one-week splash release in a few months out of the blue. GW has done this in the past with really large new ranges, to break up the costs for a faction’s players over time. Death Guard have an all plastic range already and it’s possible that we may get very few new releases aside from the terrain piece. I am personally most curious about the Drukhari. They got Incubi and Drayzar in Psychic Awakening, but they have a LOT of Finecast scattered throughout the range. I think a lot could be knocked out by an HQ retinue set with all the oddballs on a single sprue and for crying out loud, PLEASE do something about the Mandrakes…

I Hear That Train A’comin…

As if these last units aren’t enough, I expect GW to crank things up as we head into the new year, so the 40K train is just getting up to speed. Whatever caused the product limitations this last month will end and GW will be anxious to make up for lost time.

Which unreleased kits are you most waiting for (it’s Heavy Intercessors isn’t it?)

Author: Larry Vela
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