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Warhammer Underworlds: Lumineth Realm-Lords Direchasm Warband Preview

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Dec 3 2020

The Lumineth Realm-lords are sending in a new Warband to Warhammer: Underworlds. Check out the new Myari’s Purifiers!


The Myari’s Purifiers are one of the two warbands joining Warhammer: Underworlds Direchasm. They have some new tricks coming involving their aetherquartz and we’re getting a look at them today.

via Warhammer Community

“Hailing from the Great Nation of Ymetrica, Myari and his kin descend upon Beastgrave convinced that they alone can end the hunger of the living mountain. This four-aelf warband is perfect for fans of the flex-style play, as they’re able to grab objectives, kill enemy fighters, and cast magic.

They also introduce a new mechanic into the game – aetherquartz counters. Each fighter starts with one of these counters that can then be spent to give a re-roll for attack, defence, or casting rolls.”

The Warband’s Inspire mechanic is a neat one – they just have to roll all successes. I like that plan! Plus, as you can see above, they can use their aetherquartz to get some rerolls. Not bad at all! Their attacks don’t have a ton of punch or dice to roll making them susceptible to higher defensive combatants. I’m kind of curious to see how they play out on the tabletop.


Here’s the fighter that hits a bit harder. Once he plants his feet, he’s also really hard to move! He’s certainly the tank of the group so stick him near an objective and let him play defense.

Ailenn packs a greatsword and is a quicker but less armored fighter. Once inspired, she also gets a Cleave and that can make her deadly against multiple targets.

And finally we have Senaela. An archer who has the ability to really reach out and touch targets on the board. Once inspried, that range jumps up to a whopping 5! That’s got to be one of the longest shots in the game.

Bring On the Cards!

“With 32 warband-specific cards, there are several ways of building a deck to support the strengths of Myari’s Purifiers. For example, you can claim glory for having three or more surviving, Inspired fighters, which you can influence by spending your aetherquartz tokens.”


This is just a small slice of the cards for the warband. Games Workshop has the rest of them up for preview on their site. If you’d like to see what they are packing for deckbuilding check them out!

This warband will be up for Pre-Order this weekend from Games Workshop. It’s the Lumineth Realm-lords vs the Hedonites of Slaanesh. Are you ready for this ancient rivalry to be reborn…in the underworld!


Aelves vs Slaanesh…Who’s going to win this round?


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