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Age Of Sigmar: New FAQs

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Jan 25

A big update for the Mortal Realms has just dropped, a new FAQ is available for everything from Broken Realms to Tzeentch.

It’s a brand new day for the Mortal Realms with the release of a new batch of FAQs and designer’s commentary that update eleven different books:

  • Broken Realms: Morathi
  • General’s Handbook 2020
  • Battletome: Nighthaunt
  • Battletome: Lumineth Realm-Lords
  • Battletome: Kharadron Overlords
  • Malign Sorcery
  • Core Rules
  • Base Sizes
  • Battletome: Seraphon
  • Battletome: Fleash-eater Courts
  • Battletome: Disciples of Tzeentch

Each of these FAQs includes updated points costs as well as a few rules tweaks. There’s a lot here, so let’s dig in.


First things first, a significant change to the way base sizes work–in matched play games you’ll now measure base to base as if the model you were using on the “suggested base size” rather than whatever you have them mounted on. Practically speaking, if you have a miniature mounted on a 25mm square base instead of the 32mm round one, you’ll still move and set the unit up as though it were mounted on the larger 32mm round base when playing matched play games. So if they’re on a square base, your minis just got a little thicker. Here’s the full update:

The rest of the changes aren’t quite as extensive. The Gaunt Summoner now summons five horrors of tzeentch, the Royal Family battalion is now only one Abhorrent Archregent/Ghoul King on a mount, and 2-6 Abhorrent Ghoul Kings that do not have mounts, Emergency Ventplates subtract 1 from hit rolls against attacks on units wholly within 6″ of the bearer–minor tweaks or clarifications like that.

But you should check out each of the FAQs just to be sure. You’ll want to find the updated point costs as well.


Find your Age of Sigmar FAQ

Good luck, generals!

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