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Build The Mandalorian, Darth Vader, and More Star Wars Icons in Metal

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Jan 26

Add some brilliant shine to your Star Wars collection with these smaller-scale 3D metal models that come in a flat steel sheet.

Metal Earth specializes in flat-pack, metal models that you punch out, bend, and fit together to create 3D models. They range in complexity and come in painted varieties as well as shiny metal perfect for droids and ships. Most figures are in the 4″ tall range and ships are in 5.5″ range. Check out the full line – that highlights ships and characters from across the galaxy and timeline – here.

The Mandalorian

  • Din Djarin – 3 Sheets / Rating: Challenging
  • Grogu – 2 Sheets / Rating:  Moderate
  • IG-11 – 3.5 Sheets / Rating:  Challenging
  • Razorcrest – 2.6 Sheets / Rating: Challenging

Helmet Collection


U-Wing Fighter – 2 Sheets / Rated: Moderate



AT-AT – 2 Sheets / Rated: Moderate


Premium Series X-Wing Starfighter – 2 Sheets / Rated: Moderate



First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter – 2 Sheets / Rated: Challenging


Darth Vader – 2.75 Sheets / Rated: Challenging


C-3PO – 2 Sheets / Rated: Expert


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