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Goatboy’s Warhammer 40K: Death Guard & CSM Ca Ca COMBOS!

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Jan 26 2021
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Chaos Space Marines and Death Guard create all sorts of wonderful little combos – just like those terrible little snacks.

Now we all know that whenever a new CSM book comes out they will probably lose a lot of this stuff – am I right?  Plus with the world starting to tilt in the right direction we all know events are just right around the corner so why not look at some of the CSM stuff out there that combos well with their stinky brethren.

Combo Time!

Here is a list in no particular order as they all have merit if you want to use them.  I mean they work for right now – so will see how long GW lets us supercharge up our Bubonic Heretic Astartes.

Warptime! Yes the FAQ took some power out of this psychic power – but it is still amazing.  If you are planning some kind of bashing Morty list you can expect this to show up in some kind of simple CSM patrol you add to the army.  It is pretty simple to fill one out as you just take the two good HQ’s you want and a cheap objective secured set of cultists.

Cultists! Regular ole cultists are a very cheap Troop to fill out a patrol.  They are currently objective secured and still Heretic Astartes so while they are not the best they can help out.  The Death Guard Cultists are just garbage right now so if you have a bunch – save em for those patrols.

Daemonforge is still an amazing Stratagem right now.  If you need some reroll to hit and wound with those pesky Daemon engines running around you can look no further than a regular old CSM one.  I wonder how it will change in the new book that will eventually come out or just disappear.

Veterans of the Long War is still there and with Eternal Hatred you could get two stacks of better wounding Combi-Bolters for your Blightlord Terminators.  This is pretty nutty if you think about it and with the Blightlords being very good could be a nice little combo to look at.

Regular old Daemon Princes of Nurgle get to effect any Daemon of Nurgle with Reroll 1’s to hit.  I wonder if there is a powerful Myphitic Blight Haulers combo you could use with this.  Or Plague Burst Crawlers.  Or any other Daemonic Engine of Nurgle.


Hey – Chaos Space Marines can summon still so if you want to get say – a Herald of Nurgle to come out and Heal Morty up a bit you could always look towards a nice Mark of Nurgle Sorcerer.

Fabius Bile is a very interesting option as well as he can boost up any Heretic Astartes with some powerful abilities – like extra attacks etc.  Utilizing the new DG Surgeon and you start to always have an option to “heal” up those damaged by Fabius Bile’s upgrades.

FW Decimators could be another fun option to add as it is one of the few “targeted” mortal wound options out there.  There are a few armies that love to use a ton of Invulnerable saves so getting the ability to bring the Warp to them and you see how powerful they can be.


Chaos Boon is a pretty fun Stratagem that works for Death Guard – when you have a Patrol of friendly bad guys.

Grandfather’s Blessing still works for them too – so you now have some options to heal up Mortal wounds from taking over an objective or just stray damage your Terminators have taken.

Chaos Familiar is just a straight amazing way to swap out and get some interesting psychic powers – that you will most likely lose access too when a new book comes out.

Fire Frenzy with the stack of Fire Fever starts to get you a 2+ hitting and double shot Helbrute that isn’t so crazy anymore.

Death Hex is still good – and still very powerful.

Prescience can get you a lot of 2+ hitting Blightlord Terminators.


Morty still loves to be Diabolically Strengthen – because everyone wants to get more buff.

Those Dastardly Sneaky CSM!

There is a lot of interesting extra powers you can pull from the tried and true old CSM book.  I can see a lot of armies just “forgetting” the initial Contagion to get the powers listed above – depending on their build and what they want to do.  I think the good Morty lists will end up combing with them – either using Fabius Bile and friends to power up Blightlords – or go with a much more spread out list trying to get multiple points of access to Heal Morty and try some fun little summoning combos.  I think the Daemon Prince alone right now (until they index it or FAQ it) might be worth it in some interesting Daemon Engine builds that could be worth trying out.  Mix in some options, get a Contagion Warlord trait, and then just profit from the nonsense you can do.

What else have you found from CSM that might be worth looking at again?

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