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Magic: The Gathering – Autographed Black Lotus Is Magic’s Most Expensive Card

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Jan 19

A mint condition Alpha Black Lotus, autographed by artist Christopher Rush, pushes past more than $650K on auction, making it the most expensive card yet.

We all know that the Black Lotus is one of the most expensive Magic: the Gathering cards of all time, but now you can put a price on 90s nostalgia. PWCC Vault, an online marketplace that facilitates some of the most outrageously expensive collector buys out there, including several un-autographed black lotuses selling for a “mere” $250K or so… it looks like there’s finally a card out there that’ll give that gem mint Charizard a run for its money.

PWCC Vault is currently running an auction on Ebay for a gem mint Alpha Black Lotus, autographed by legendary Magic: the Gathering artist Christopher Rush who passed away in 2016. The card was on auction for $658,100 with eight days remaining on the auction.

It’s truly a mind-boggling price. $658,100, and by the end of the Auction I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes for close to a million dollars, making it the most expensive CCG card of all time. Now, you might be thinking, “isn’t it a bit ghoulish to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a card from 1993 that you can’t even really use in the game anymore, whose only value is that you spent an exorbitant amount of money to have it? Especially given that millions of people around the world have lost jobs, homes, and in America, access to Healthcare? Isn’t it supremely irresponsible to spend so much money that will probably go to another wealthy ‘collector’ with absolutely no benefit to the estate of the person who gave the card it’s value: Christopher Rush?”

Whoa, comrade, it’s just a card. Or maybe you’d say “This is an example of pretty much everything that’s wrong with the world today. The wealthiest are out here spending millions trying to recapture the glory of a bygone age that never was and never will be again, while ignoring the very real problems facing the rest of us. And we can all, at best, hope for some vicarious thrill from whatever 1%er ends up owning this piece of 90s “history” and marvel at how much money they spent on it.”

To which I’d say finding relief from crushing financial woes through vicarious escapism is perhaps the most 90s thing of all. It’s the one thing that only 90s kids truly understand.

How much do YOU think the Black Lotus will go for?


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