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Magic the Gathering: Kaldheim Spoilers To Keep You Nice And Toasty

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Jan 10 2021

More Kaldheim Spoilers dropped over the weekend. Grab your runed axe and your nice and toasty furs, let’s brave the snow to see what’s new.

As Magic: the Gathering inches closer to the official Kaldheim release date of February 5th, more and more spoilers are coming out. There’s a collection of new cards out there in the wild, spotted on Twitter, Twitch, and more. These new spoilers reveal some surprising new cards–and if you’re a blue player, get ready, ’cause some of these new cards are for the birds.

via Magic: the Gathering

Kaldheim is coming, let these spoilers keep you nice and toasty with anticipation of powerful new combos you’ll be sure to pull off with ease because you, unlike me, can topdeck to save your life. Presumably. If not, well, we’re in the same boat and maybe we’ll get matched on Arena one of these days so you can know the taste of victory. Who knows? Either way, there’s a ton to look forward to here. Starting with one card that has some folks up in arms, because Blue is staying perfectly balanced:

I’m just saying if your dinner is tasting bland, just look for this on Twitter or Facebook and you’ll find all the salt you need in the comments. Of course green is getting some fun times too…


And over on Twitter, Lacuna Coil revealed:

Perfect for making sure your big chonk has a chance to actually deal damage before it gets turned into a 1/1 bird token.


The Littjara Kinseekers keep the Shapeshifting theme going–Kaldheim is full of all kinds of changelings. Which ought to play very well with certain builds.

Shiro Games had two cards in one bunch to reveal. Really loving Boast on the Berserkers, but that poor Vorinclex in Kaya’s Onslaught is the real star of the show here.

Skemfar’s Sage of Shadows comes to us from Levunga. If you need some help with the Spanish, here you go:

When Skemfar’s Sage of Shadows enters the battlefield, choose one:

  • Each opponent loses X life, where X is the biggest number of creatures you control that share a type.
  • You gain X life, where X is the biggest number of creatures you control that share a type.

These snow lands are looking better and better.

Okay but speaking of Shapeshifters, there are a couple that are real interesting like Bloodline Pretender which is an artifact creature up above, or one I’m looking forward to: Maskwood Nexus.


All the fun of a Sliver deck but without actually having to have any slivers. Rounding out this wave of spoilers we have a Skyrim NPC…

…and a Hot Topic Angel who really hates Planeswalkers.

What do you think of the spoilers? Let us know in the comments!

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