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Star Wars: Legion – Two New Specialist Expansions Inbound

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Jan 9 2021

The Separatist Droids and the Republic Clones are getting a pair of Specialists Expansions to expand your options in Star Wars: Legion!

via Fantasy Flight Games

Republic Specialists Personnel Expansions $27.95

“While Jedi Generals like Anakin Skywalker lead the Grand Army of the Republic into battle, clone troopers keep it running at peak efficiency. Some clones even combine the skill at arms and genetic template all clones share with further specialized training in areas like communications and engineering to support Republic operations on the ground.

This expansion puts four clone specialists at your command, giving you new ways to fill your units’ personnel slots. Additionally, the clone commander found in this expansion can lead an individual unit or your entire army and three new command cards that can be used by any Republic commander open up a host of new strategic options. “




Separatist Specialists Personnel Expansion $27.95

“While the vast marjority of the Separatist Alliance’s droid forces are programmed for battle, some specialize in things other than combat. Whether they gather valuable reconnaissance or repair their fellow droids, they serve a vital function in the war effort. 

The four droids you find in this expansion expand the capabilities of your Separatist armies, allowing you to further customize units with the personnel slot. Additionally, a T-Series Tactical Droid can lead an individual unit or your whole army, providing even more versatility. These tactical droids are further bolstered by three command cards that give them–or any Separatist commander–access to devastating new strategies.”


Both of these new expansions are slated for a January 22nd release date! Mark your calendars and prepare for reinforcements.



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