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‘The Sandman’ Live Action Series Has Found Its Dream and Lucifer

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Jan 28 2021

Netflix has revealed their choices for Dream, Lucifer, and the demons. Lots of new faces plus some Game of Thrones alumni.

News that Warner Brothers was partnering with Netflix to make a Sandman 11 episode series covering Preludes and Nocturnes came out last year – at the time was mentioned that the project it may be the most expensive project DC has made for television, but that was before the Snyder Cut became a thing. Neil Gaiman and David Goyer (The Dark Knight, Krypton) are set as executive producers with Allan Heinberg (Wonder Woman) as showrunner and head writer.

Gaiman teased a script a few months ago.

The biggest news about the project came today from Netflix UK’s Twitter. The first look at the cast has arrived – including Morpheus. Sandman creator Neil Gaimon had this to say about the choices:

“For the last 33 years, the Sandman characters have breathed and walked around and talked in my head. I’m unbelievably happy that now, finally, they get to step out of my head and into reality. I can’t wait until the people out there get to see what we’ve been seeing as Dream and the rest of them take flesh, and the flesh belongs to some of the finest actors out there. This is astonishing, and I’m so grateful to the actors and to all of ‘The Sandman’ collaborators — Netflix, Warner Bros., DC, to Allan Heinberg and David Goyer, and the legions of crafters and geniuses on the show — for making the wildest of all my dreams into reality.”

The choice of Tom Sturridge (he’s not new to acting, just not well known) is unexpected and I’m digging it. He definitely has the look. I’m also liking the rest of the list. If the series had been made 20 years back I would have gone with Tilda Swinton for Lucifer. I think Christie with her physicality and ability to carry androgeny will be great in the role. I’ll watch Charles Dance in almost anything and he’s going to make a fantastic Burgess.



Tom Sturridge


Gwendoline Christie



Vivienne Acheampong


Charles Dance


Boyd Holbrook



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