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The World Of Darkness – From 90’s Kings To The End Of White Wolf – Prime

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Jan 6 2021

The World of Darkness carved a dark, edgy niche in the RPG empire, but the brooding 90s led to a storm of controversy at the tail end of the 2010's...

In the World of Darkness, monsters lurk in every shadow. Vampires weave intrigues and schemes from their secret lairs scattered throughout the city, looking down on humanity like cattle meant to be cultivated to be fed on, with hidden fangs and thinly veiled metaphors for capitalism, sexed up under the guise of the undead. Mages sit up in their ivory towers, judging everyone and deciding who gets to know about magic. Ghosts of days past linger in the world, trying to hang on to their identity. Changelings from the Fae lands caper about, aware of the real horrors in the world, while Werewolves fight to save the planet and for your right to party--both of them giving people at Renaissance fairs far too easy an excuse to dress up.

Come to think of it, every edition of any White Wolf book has done this

This dark, urban fantasy came to define much of the 90s in the tabletop world. Vampire: the Masquerade was on the rise as D&D was on the decline, and right up until the end of the 90s, that was the case. But trouble was ju...

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