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Warhammer 40,000: Five Primaris Units We Definitely Don’t Want

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Jan 22

Gee, I hope Games Workshop doesn’t read this and then add these Five Primaris Space Marine Units. Yep. Definitely don’t want to see these get kits.

We’re good to go on Primaris Space Marines for a while, right? We definitely don’t need more of those new-fangled Primaris running around, showing off and being bigger, tougher, and better equipped than anyone else, right?! And if Games Workshop ever came out with these other units for the Primaris, I just don’t know what I’d do with myself – it’s not like I’m going to rush out and buy them or anything…

Assault Intercessors With Inceptor Packs

Pfft. Why oh why would we EVER want to see Primaris Assault Intercessors with Inceptor Jump Packs?! It’s not like we want to get them into combat rapidly or anything. No, that’d be silly. Plus what would those even look like? Can you imagine Assault Intercessors with Inceptor Jump packs? C’mon. That’d be totally silly…


Yeah…so totally silly. I hope GW NEVER does this:




Primaris Drop Pod

Man, I hope that Games Workshop never updates the Drop Pod again. It’s not like I’ve built at least a dozen or more at this point. It would be a real shame if GW ever made a version for the Primaris Marines to use, right? Clearly they are too big and bulky for the fragile and compact Drop Pod. Everyone knows that it’s totally practical for Primaris to get to the battlefield from Orbit on Repulsors and Impulsors every time! They can’t fit in a Land Raider so why would they get to ride down in iconic Drop Pods. Pfft. Totally doesn’t make sense.

Anti-Air Primaris Tank

There is NO WAY that Games Workshop would ever replace the Hunter and/or the Stalker with a Primaris Version. Those two tanks are just too unique and special in the Space Marine Armory. What are they going to do, swap out the Impulsor turret with a giant AA cannon? Yeah, sure…and one day the Hammerfall Bunker Turret is going to get retro fit on a Repulsor chassis to replace the Whirlwind. Pfft – never going to happen.

Close Combat Gravis Armored Primars Marines

Why would we ever want to see more Close Combat Gravis Armored Primaris Space Marines? We’ve got the one Captain with a Power Sword and Power Fist. We don’t need more of these guys! Plus, we have Aggressors and Inceptors – they totally fill that role of a dedicated Close Combat unit with Lightning Claws and Thunder Hammer/Storm Shields already, right!? Oh and sure, Bladeguard Veterans are coming out soon and they are totally (basically) that, too. We really DON’T need to have heavy-armored Gravis Close Combat Primaris Marines at all. Nope. Never.


Primaris Flying Transport

I think, collectively, we’re all ready to move on from Flying Transport options. The Primaris don’t need to get a Stormraven equivalent option. Why would they need one? Repulsors are basically the same thing. Lots of guns. Flys (sort of). Transports Primaris Marines into battle. What more do you need? It’s not like the Primaris are getting a flying platform that could possibly have multiple variants in the future that include higher transport options.

Clearly not large enough.

Yeah – Primaris are TOTALLY good on transports at this point. They never need to get a flyer transport.


Man oh man, I sure hope GW doesn’t add any of these units in the future.

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