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Warhammer 40K: Dark Angel Full Detachment Rules

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Jan 30

We’ve gotten bits and pieces but now we put it altogether. Check out the full Dark Angels Detachment rules right here.

Games Workshop has been showcasing the Dark Angels and their Detachment rules all week. Well now that we have a copy of the Dark Angels Codex, we’re taking a closer look at the full page of rules. So let’s dive in!

It’s a lot at first glance. The first column is really just breaking down HOW you get access to the specific abilities. If you’re running a full battleforge Dark Angel army, you’re already unlocking a big chunk of those rules in the second column. And if you are running any Vanguard and/or Outrider detachments on top of that, those detachments are also unlocking the 1st and/or 2nd company rules (depending on which you are running).

Speed of the Raven, Fire Discipline, and Implacable are also unlocked for a battleforge Dark Angel army.

Speed of the Raven is a nice movement boost for your Ravenwing elements. Plus they can shoot after advancing which is always handy – although you do take a penalty as if you were shooting an Assault weapon (-1). That’s a pretty fair trade off but do watch the plasma weapons…


Fire Discipline allows the Dark Angels to (basically) treat their Rapid Fire weapons like pistols while the Tactical Doctrine is active. There are some additional fire restrictions, but they get to shoot their weapons at models that are engaged with them.


And finally we have Implacable. When the Assault Doctrine is active, your Deathwing Infantry and Dreadnoughts get a boost in close combat against models with 8 or more wounds. The re-roll to wound should help you score your fair number of wounds against those larger targets.

So there you have it – all the Dark Angel Detachment rules in one place. Now that you’ve got to see them in full what do you think? Are the Dark Angels looking up in your book? Let us know in the comments!



Looks solid so far. But can you ever really trust the Dark Angels?

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