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Warhammer 40K: Dark Angel Rites & Warlord Traits

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Jan 31

Dark Angels are getting a batch of Warlord Traits and a new way to induct Characters into the Deathwing.

The Deathwing of the Dark Angels is made up of the most trusted members of the Dark Angels. They are brave warriors who also share a legacy with some of the greatest heroes of the chapter. So getting in is kind of a big deal. But aside from the honor, it also opens up some other options in terms of rules. Let’s take a look at how it works:

Any of those units listed get inducted into the Deathwing. And all you have to pay is a relatively small points and power cost. Why would you want to do this? Well it can open up some other interesting special rules and also can interact with some of those special secondary objectives. Plus you can paint their armor bone white!

Warlord Traits

The Dark Angels not only get 6 Warlord traits for the “standard” warlords they get another 2 for the Ravenwing and 2 for the Deathwing! There are some pretty good options in there. I like Lightning-Fast Reflexes for the Ravenwing. A flat -1 to hit your Warlord seems like a good way to keep your Warlord on the tabletop.

But speaking of staying on the Tabletop, Stubborn Tenacity is another good example of sticking around. Your Warlord might be dead, but he’s going to stick around until the start of the next turn or end of the game – whichever comes first!

Between the Rites of Initiation and the Warlord Traits, the Dark Angels characters have some cool options to customize them how you want. This opens up the doors to tell the narrative you want to tell with your own Dark Angel army.



Who would you induct and why? Which Warlord Traits are your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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