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Warhammer 40K: Mortation Lord of Plagues – FTN

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Jan 25

This is what a Primarch is supposed to be. Men tremble where this monster steps.  Mortarion is the lord of plagues and the reaper of men. Wow.

Hey all,

Chaos has always sort of been the little brother of the Imperium. It had cool rules but always in that ‘rival’ category. Not any longer!  This is our review of some of the highlights from the Death Guard codex. It’s amazing. This dex is a serious contender right out of the gate and not just due to the Daemon Primarch. There is a lot of power in this book. Strap in!

What’s really cool about the DG is that you can make a case for many of the signature DG units.  Do you like playing with terminators?  Throw them in a list.  Do you like the idea of a legion of troops advancing through the mist in the iconic Rhino?   You got it!  Want to have the gibbering mouths of chaos nipping at the enemy?  Ohh boy… take 10.

This Codex is crowned by one of the most glorious giant models in any game – the Primarch Mortarion.  He is everything you would hope him to be.  He buffs your army while striking terror in the hearts of your opponent.  He belches plague and ruin as he glides across the field.  Yes, please.

This will be an incredibly strong army to face on the table. On the surface read it seems like it will be great at winning 9th edition games.  Meaning you will have durable troops camping on objectives and daring anyone to come close.  Once they come close, they will never get away!

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