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Warhammer 40K: Other Drukhari Characters That Need Models

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Jan 15 2021

There is a new Drukhari Codex on the way along with a new Lelith Hesperax. But what about the OTHER characters from the Drukhari?

While it might be easy just to write “ALL OF THEM” and be done, there are actually some models we’re happy with – and a few characters that had rules but never had a model. And if you’ve seen what GW has done with the new(er) plastic kits like Drazhar, Incubi, and the upcoming Lelith, then you know these characters would look fantastic!

Looks good and in plastic!

So let’s dive into our list of Drukhari Characters that need new models!

Asdrubael Vect

I don’t think we can have a list of characters that need new models without mentioning one of the BIGGEST missing options from the Drukhari line. Asdrubael Vect is the leader of the Kabal of the Black Heart and has been missing for editions. Where is Vect?!

The good news is that he is alive – or cloned…you never can tell with him. He has declared himself a Dark Muse. So there is a possibility that GW is trying to re-work him in a way that makes sense to bring him back to the tabletop. We’ll have to wait and see!

Kheradruakh, The Decapitator


The Decapitator is the “character” version of the Mandrakes. He had rules waaaay back in 3rd but hasn’t ever had a model. What made him pretty unique was his second set of arms. That and the name “The Decapitator” is kinda cool, too! Why has GW never made this a model? Is it because Mandrakes weren’t that popular? And if that’s the case, make their rules better and I think the problem might solve itself…

Lady Malys

Yes, that is the card art for Archon Salaine Morn. Why are we using it for Lady Malys? Because she doesn’t even have ARTWORK people! That’s a shame, too because she has had quite a bit written about her.

“Lady Aurelia Malys is a Dark Eldar Archon of the Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue. She leads her Kabal with a polite, if aloof and haughty manner that belies her great mind. Lady Malys, possessed of an incredibly byzantine mind, is highly intelligent to the point that she has matched Asdrubael Vect for wits time and again, and she is also amazingly precognitive. Her current position as one of the most successful Archons in Commoragh and her precognizant intellect may, in time, even overcome Vect himself.”

She first showed up in the 5th edition codex and was noted for her fighting style which included a “Razor-edged steel fan and sword called ‘The Lady’s Blade’. ” That sounds pretty rad! Players have even gone so far as to make numerous conversions for her – but it’s time for GW to actually make a model (or at least some artwork) for Lady Malys.

Baron Sathonyx

I’m still disappointed about this one. Games Workshop went ahead and made some pretty great Hellion models when they updated the Drukhari line, but they never made a model for Lord Hellion himself, Baron Sathonyx? Why?! Sure, you could convert him up yourself and maybe that was the point – but c’mon GW…He’s the Hellion Character – make a model!!


Kruellagh The Vile

Here’s the thing – I get why this model got retired. But as a character, Kruellagh The Vile could be remade and reintroduced. She is the Archon of the Flayed Skull and she had some unique rules back in 3rd edition. Her special wargear was the Soul Flayer which were a pair of Spikes that sucked the life out of their victims and also empowered her with every kill. That sounds pretty terrifying and could make for a unique character who gets “juiced-up” as the fight progresses.


Again a new Codex is on the way for the Drukhari. I’m still not holding my breath that these characters might one day get models – at least not this go around. But if GW wanted to introduce them via some crazy event (perhaps involving the Ynnari) I wouldn’t be upset about it.

We’ve gotten TWO Lelith models since Vect had a model. Just sayin…

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