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Age of Sigmar: Daughters of Khaine Get New Sects in Battletome

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Feb 08

The Daughters of Khaine are getting six new Sub-factions in their latest Battletome. Join a Sect and transform your army into something new!

This weekend the Daughters of Khaine Battletome is going up for Pre-Order and that means they are finally getting a major update. As one of the older books their current battletome can still hold up but it is showing its age. This new one should realign their rule with the more current and up-to-date version of things. One of the big updates with the Battletome is that they are (finally) getting some more sub-faction rules.

via Warhammer Community

“Many of the battletomes in Warhammer Age of Sigmar include sub-faction rules that enable you to add some extra narrative flavour to your army, and the new book for the Daughters of Khaine is no exception. You can look forward to six new sets of rules themed upon the great sects of the Khainite cult, each with a unique ability, command ability, command trait, and artefact of power.”

In today’s preview from Games Workshop we get a look at three of the big sects and how they are changing. Some of these should look familiar to existing DoK players while a others are brand new.

Hagg Nar

The first Sect up is none other than the First Temple – Hagg Nar. They were a pretty potent Sect previously and they are looking even better. Their ability adds one to the current battle round for their Blood Rite battle trait:

The Blood Rites table offers increasing boons based on the turn and they stack so the DoK armies get better and better as the game goes on. Hagg Nar just gets the jump on this track and make them even more murderous faster.


“This ability allows you to re-roll run and charge rolls of 1 for your Hagg Nar units from the outset of the battle. It also means that you’ll be able to re-roll hit rolls of 1 in melee from the second battle round onwards.”

Draichi Ganeth

If you want a murderball of a unit toss the Draichi Ganeth Command Ability on them. Most of the DoK units already hit fairly consistently with a 3+ in melee. A Thousand Bladeforms pushes that with an additional +1 to their to hit roll:

On the third turn, a unit that this is used on will also be re-rolling 1s to hit thanks to the Blood Rites ability, too. If the enemy unit doesn’t have a negative to hit, in most cases you’re hitting on 2+ and re-rolling 1s. It’s blender-time.

Zainthar Kai

Do you like snakes? Or maybe the Melusai have caught your eye. These deadly warriors get even more benefits from Zainthar Kai. One such perk is for the General and their new command perk Curse of the Bloody-Handed:


Tossing out D3 Mortal Wounds on a 5+ is already nice. Now if you can get your General in the thick of things and maybe tag a couple of units at once you can really start to wrack up those Mortal Wounds!

Again, these are just the three of the sub-factions you’ll get in the upcoming DoK book. With six total there should be something in there for everyone’s favorite murder cult.


You don’t want to drink the Kool-Aid from the DoK.

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