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Age of Sigmar: Glutos Orscollion Under the Spotlight

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Feb 09

Glutos Orscollion is under the spotlight in this preview from Games Workshop. Take a closer look. Or maybe don’t. We can’t look away now.

This model is a trainwreck. It’s not that the model is bad – no, it’s a trainwreck in the sense that you can’t stop staring at it once you take a look at it. There’s so much stuff going on and taking in all the details is…a lot. That seems fitting for this overloaded Lord of Gluttony. You’ve been warned – but you gotta see this thing!

via Warhammer Community

“After unwittingly entering into a pact with the Slaaneshi Daemon Prince Loth’shar, the so-called Grand Gourmand has been driven by an uncontrollable urge to seek out and devour new, ever-more-exotic flavours. Slaanesh has taken notice, twisting his champion into a form more suited to his depraved proclivities.”

The Lord of Gluttony Up Close

Let’s start with the Chariot. This thing is intense. It needs to be to support this big guy and this crew. Which also means the creatures pulling it need to be pretty beefy, too.

If there was a way to project opulence, riding around in a marble chariot with gold accents seems like a pretty strong way to do that. This thing is gaudy looking – in a very slaaneshi way. It does seem like an amazing hobby challenge to paint this one up.

The big beasts pulling this opulent ride remind me of the chaos spawn hauling the Chaos Warshrine – only, you know, more Slaaneshi. That’s mostly on account of the claws. And the gold paint job. And the Slaaneshi clothes (what’s up with the random arm warmers). I have a funny feeling these guys will hit pretty hard if anything manages to get close.


Glutos Orscollion

Next up, let’s take a close look at Glutos Orscollion himself.

Part Jabba the Hutt, part Baron Harkonnen (from Dune ’84) and all Slaaneshi – the Lord of Gluttony is something else. Creep tongue, extra tentacles, exposed nipple, and a whole lot of opulence all wrapped up in an oversized package. I’d just like to point out this model by itself is one heck of a hobby challenge! Seriously, if the Baron Lord of Gluttony was by himself, this guy has a ton of textures and things going on. And somehow you’re supposed to get him painted up and on his chariot (which is also super complex in terms of painting) and make it all look cool. Whew. This model is *much* and I think that’s the point. I just hope if you are going to tackle this hobby challenge you know how to do sub-assemblies and paint stuff seperately.

The Crew

If this model was just the palanquin, the brutes pulling it, and the Lord of Gluttony it would already be an amazing detailed kit. But it’s not. It’s also got a few crew members to toss in the mix! And they all have name, too.

Lashmaster Vhyssk

Whipping the chariot forward is Lashmaster Vhyssk who looks a little too excited to be at work today.


 Priestess Dolece

Are those feathers? Sure – just in case you thought all the other textures weren’t enough. Aside from that, this model seems to be offering up a prayer …or maybe the next course of the meal. I’d also like to point out those ritual scars on the model. That’s a really cool effect.

“The Mysterious Creature”

I’m not saying this is a hobbit – it’s feet aren’t hairy enough. However, who else would be a huge fan of food and be that vertically challenged?

Just sayin…

Painbringer Kyazu


And the final member of the crew is a cannibalistic beatstick. If the massive claws don’t get the enemies who are too close, Kyazu looks like he’s ready to carve up the next morsel.

The Sprues

The last preview for this model is the sprues. There’s a TON going on and to say these two sheets are densely packed is pretty accurate.

Personally, I really want to put this model together. I’m not saying I’m going to start this army, but it looks like a lot of fun to build!


Get ready for the big man to come to a tabletop near you!


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