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Age of Sigmar: Sigvald Pulls A Legolas In The Latest Broken Realms Fiction

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Feb 06

Sigvald is a bit of a showboat – but what do you expect from the Geld-Prince of Slaanesh? The latest Broken Realms fiction has him showing off once again.

If you haven’t read the short story “The Golden Son” from Games Workshop, it’s worth a read. It has some dark comedy elements as it explores Sigvald’s return to combat in a bloody fashion. It also has some tension when a rival Lord of Gluttony shows up to check-in on the champion of Slaanesh.

We’re going to talk about the story, so read it first – there be spoilers ahead.

Still here? Let’s get into it.

Our story starts off with a Point of view conversation between a group of Hearthguard, specifically Runeson Tornjog and his Runesmiter. It doesn’t really matter though because they both know they are not long for this world. Something is causing their reflections to look quite stomach-churning. Sagging flesh, eyeless faces, half-split bellies – you get the idea. Is this a vision of the future or something else? Turns out it’s a sign of all the bad things about to happen.

“Approaching were footsteps, not so much slow as languid, almost bored. They echoed from behind the wall of hissing flame, growing progressively closer. Tornjog felt his teeth grinding, fingers drumming on the grip of his weapon.”

And in walks Sigvald. I think we tend to forget the power of his enchantments. But I think this passage sums them up quite nicely:


“Despite himself, the duardin felt his arms slacken. He was beautiful. So very, very beautiful. The vile cruelty dancing in his eyes somehow intensified that fact.”

Yep. Sigvald is *that* beautiful. He’s so handsome he makes a hardened duardin warrior, one who knows he’s fighting for his life, swoon just a bit. It’s kind of ridiculous, but Sigvald has always been over the top. Anyhow, the following line is where some of that dark humor comes in:

” ‘Greetings!’ the beautiful death grinned, unsheathing a silvered rapier. ‘Rejoice, for I am about to murder every last one of you!’ “

Oh that Sigvald. He’s so polite when he’s about to slaughter everyone. And by everyone, we know it’s a bunch of them because he pulls a move straight out of the Two Towers and counts off his kills. Only this time it’s the dwarves, sorry, I mean Duardin on the receiving end of the kill count.

Sigvald’s tally goes passed the sacred number of sixty-six, and ends at seventy-two – which is also a multiple of six and since six is the sacred number of Slaanesh, that’s probably fine. But as the battle ends, another figure appears. It’s a Lord of Gluttony and he’s got Sigvald’s attention…for now.

There is a bit of a back-and-forth between the two as they poke each other’s egos in an attempt to goad the other into a fight. It’s basically “I’m a bigger fan of Slaanesh than you are…” type barbs. And just as they are about to slip into a combat the Duardin shrine decides to explode.


“Blinking in surprise, Sigvald watched as the golden fragments skittered towards one another, coalescing into a singular mass. That thrashing immensity took on a sinuous shape: a two-headed serpent, one visage sleek and refined, the other an angular mass of shining horns and fangs. As the latter head moved to tear at the duardin corpses, mangling them into more twisted forms, the former cast its lidless gaze about the chamber before focusing on the two champions.”

Apparently Slaanesh cares not for your pissing match. This new effigy has a message for them: make for the howling lands. These two champions of Slaanesh have a task to do and Sigvald (who totally wants to kill Glutos Orscollion) will have to wait for another time.


The Golden Son hints at the battles to come in the Broken Realms. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the followers of Slaanesh, the Lumenith, and everyone else who gets in their way!

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