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Age of Sigmar: Vampire & Undead Hordes Are Coming This Year

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Feb 23 2021

Games Workshop snuck in a confirmation that the undead are getting restless. Get ready for them to come later this year.

With all the new stuff announced this past weekend Age of Sigmar Fans are excited. There’s a fantastic looking new boxed game coming with Warhammer Quest: Cursed City, there’s exciting thing happening in Warhammer: Underworlds, and more Broken Realms books on the way. GW also introduced three new characters coming later as well including the new Wight King:

But it’s not just this model – which is a fantastic re-working of the older model on foot.

There are other hints and nods. For example, last month we got a tease/confirmation of a new Soulblight Vampire Lord as well:

Then there is the obvious ties to Warhammer Quest: Cursed City which has introduced a BUNCH of new undead and vampire units:


Zombie Ogors? Yep – that’s a thing and it is VERY possible that GW could start to add even more undead from the other factions – Zombie Orruks, Aelves, Skaven, and pretty much ANY other race could be on the table as an option for new undead models.

We’ve got new types of Vampires as well – these are more feral and animalistic vampire thralls. What else could GW have in store?

We’ve got some new style Zombies as well! I think these are a big improvement vs the old kit which is really starting to show its age. At the same time, I’m also hoping we get some more, new “generic” zombies as well.


And new types of Skeletons are coming. You can’t tell me these wouldn’t work right alongside the current kit, too:

While it is true that those are previews from Cursed City, each of those models/units is going to get warscroll for use in Age of Sigmar. So that’s a start. I don’t think GW is going to let those dead rest easy – I think they have even more Undead planned as well.

Between the Wight King, the new Soulblight Vampire Lord, and all those Cursed City models – the Undead are already getting quite a few new units. That’s a lot of evidence to support the idea that more Undead are coming already. But here’s the final nail in the coffin:

via Warhammer Community

“The necromancers are hard at work as we speak, preparing the legions of the undead to march to war later in the year.”

That’s a quote from their own round-up post from the weekend. It’s plain as day – “legions of the undead to march to war later in the year.” Soulblight Vampires and Deathrattle skeletal hordes? And who know what else GW has cooking in the Undead laboratories.

Okay, yeah…he probably would know actually.



The point is we’ve got a ton of new releases already coming, hints at more on the way, and a straight up confirmation that later this year the undead are marching to war. What more do you need? Vampires are coming – it’s not a question of “if” it’s a question of “when” at this point.

“This pleases me…”


Are you going to prepare to fight back the Undead hordes or are you going to welcome our new bloodsucking overlords? Let us know which side of the fence you’re on in the comments!

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