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AoS: Khagra’s Ravagers in Slaves to Darkness

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Feb 14

There’s a new warband in town, and it has some interesting toys to bring to the sandbox.

The newest combatants in the living mountain are available to preorder this weekend, and they’re bringing a nasty new mechanic to shake up the Underworlds. However, like all the Warbands, they still owe their allegiance to an AoS army, and that army might call on them for battle. So how will Khagra and her followers perform on the battlefield as opposed to Direchasm? Well, with the very little we know right now, here’s what I think about that.

First, Khagra will definitely bring some powerful melee hits to the table, though maybe not at the level of a full-blown Chaos Lord. Much in the same way that Theddra is a -1 Darkoath Warqueen, Thedra will probably have a slightly watered-down Lord or Exalted Hero profile. Her mace and shield will probably give her a fairly hefty save (4+ or 3+ would be my guess), and she will definitely have a decently solid command ability. Considering the new Desecrate mechanic that the warband has, I’m going to assume that her ability will have something to do with desecrating either nearby objective markers or terrain pieces, possibly making them Deadly.

Khagra’s warband also includes a Sorcerer, which would be interesting if it gets a unique warscroll separate from the warband. If he does, then that’s 2 Leader spots that Khagra eats up, which would, to me, mean no one would use it. However, if he doesn’t, he will bring a ton of magic power to the table, as even a weak cast or unbind every turn can turn the tables. I’m curious if the sorcerer will have a unique spell, maybe one that desecrates the objectives rather than a command ability. The two warriors that accompany them will be cut and dry Warriors, no doubt, which means they are solid objective holders and line breakers, albeit in a much smaller unit. This warband will most likely find its place as a quick objective grabber and spell sink, but not much else.

Will you be bringing Khagra with you to AoS?

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