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D&D Accessories: Potions for your Game Table

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Feb 23 2021

Potions are useful, plentiful, and look pretty cool, so let’s figure out a few ways to add potions to our real life D&D gaming table.

Potions are one of the universal constants of D&D. If you’re dungeon crawling and taking damage, you’ll probably be picking up a few potions along the way to heal up between battles. They’re so plentiful that you sometimes just find them lying around in caves or tunnels and they can be immediately useful to any member of your party. But they also have an iconic look that can add a fun aesthetic to your physical gaming table. As always, links to buy are in the titles.

Dice Jars of Healing

The usefulness of these sets is two-fold, both holding the dice you’ll need to roll for the HP you’ll be getting back, but every bottle lets you know what level of healing potion they are and what to roll. On their own, being handed a bunch of rogue D4 may not be immediately helpful, but if you’re picking up the bottle for the Healing Potion, it gives you a handy cheat sheet so you know that you’ll be getting 2D4+2 health back. Also, having your DM hand you a small bottle to roll the specially designated healing dice whenever you take a potion adds a level of fun and immersion that I really appreciate in an RPG.


Potion Bottle Dice Set

At this point are there any themed specific dice we can’t find? This complete set of D&D dice all look like various potion bottles, and with some really unique shapes, they wouldn’t look too out of place on a wizard’s shelf. These dice also come in a whole bunch of colors for whatever specific potion aesthetic you think your character would walk around with.

Potion Tokens

This etsy listing feels a bit like it may be calling me out, personally. I’m the sort of player who will forget all of the items on my character sheet or that I have the prefect feat to use until the moment has passed, but physical potion tokens would never let players like me forget ever again. Coming in healing, greater healing, superior, and supreme, you can get a very complete set for your party without breaking the bank or get a set or two for yourself and be the envy of your table.



Resin Potion Tokens

The same idea but a little different, these potion tokens almost look real. Their cork toppers and sparkly resin filling give them a liquid look that makes the RPG experience a little more immersive. The set can keep track of how many potions you or your group have combined, mark on the map where you think you see some treasure, or just remind you to use your potions before you rush off into battle again, but this time with glitter.

Potion Flasks

One of my favorite of the potion tokens aesthetically, this one just looks like a bottle you’d find on the floor of a dungeon and throw in your bag for later. Each is marked with the strength of its healing power, again cover the four levels of potions, and can come painted or unpainted depending on your preference. And if your group carries or uses a ton of potions, the shop has entire sets complete with multiple Potions of Healing.



Will you be adding any potions to your game table? How do you keep track of your potions and supplies? What’s your favorite potion token? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Adventuring!

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