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D&D Accessories: Weird Dice

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Feb 2 2021

Normal D&D dice are great and very functional at the table, but there are so many cool, unique, and downright weird dice that deserve our attention.

We all have standard sets of D&D dice. In fact, we all arguably have to many sets of standard D&D dice, but there are some unique and truly weird dice out there that we could be collecting as well. Are they as functional during gameplay? Not always. But they are very cool to look at, show off, and collect, and isn’t that almost more important?

Virus Dice

A little on the nose for right now, but still very neat, these D6 come in a variety of colors and all look a little like an oversized tabletop virus. the shop’s listing admits that they’re not 100% balanced and probably not great for serious gameplay, but they’re functional and definitely useable for all of your much more laid back dice rolling needs. They’re cute, silly, and the set of five will definitely earn you a few questions or comments at your next game night.



Spiral Dice

These simple spiral dice are some of the most useable unusual dice I have ever seen and some of the prettiest. The design makes them look like crystals or gems, and their shape and clear numbering makes them very easy to roll and read next time you play D&D. I linked to a purple set, but they come in many more options to match your favorite color or your current character’s aesthetic.




You may have seen PolyHero’s sets of class specific dice before, but they are always worth highlighting again. Each set has dice specifically designed to match the design and capabilities of your character’s class with thoughtful little touches and sometimes hilarious apropos choices. For example this rogue set has a powder keg D20, a dagger d4, and a poison bottle D6.


Glow In The Dark D100

Yes, most of us use two D10s for our D100 rolling needs, and yes sometimes a die this big can be a little difficult to read. But if you’re in the market for a glow in the dark D100, you may not be shopping for functionality and functionality alone. You’d be looking for something fun and you would have found it with this die. That said, at 45mm this die is larger than your average gaming┬ápolyhedron and well balanced to boot, so why not go for style and usability?


Spinner Dice Ring

While I don’t think I’d ever show up to a D&D session with a dice ring and expect my DM to allow it, I can’t not appreciate the ingenuity of spinner dice. They’re subtle enough to pass as jewelry in your day to day life with a spinning function that’s very fun to play with, plus they’re D&D for a win/win/win triple threat.



What’s your favorite weird dice or dice set? Do you own any dice that are better for display than for gameplay? Would you or do you use any dice that aren’t part of a standard set in your own D&D games? let us know in the comments!

Happy Adventuring!

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