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D&D: Beadle And Grimm’s Legendary Curse Of Strahd Unboxing

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Feb 23 2021

Have you seen the new legendary edition Curse of Strahd box from Beadle & Grimm? Celebrate a return to Ravenloft with a deluxe campaign.

Although calling a Beadle & Grimm’s box a mere “campaign” is kind of like saying that a fig newton is just a cookie–only 90s kids will understand what you’re saying and everyone else will look at you like you’re weirdly pretentious about their box/snacks for some reason. But hey, nothing like being in the in group, so grab your fruit and cake and let’s dive in to this box.

Now, ordinarily with these boxes, our review would end on the sort of sad note of “well these have all sold out, so you can’t get one, but if you’re thinking about it, you should definitely get the next one.” And that sentiment is still true–if you want a campaign ‘experience’ that will make your game of Curse of Strahd immersive and flavorful, you’d do well to have one of these boxes. We love this set and once we’re back in person, the office will be drenched in Barovian mists once more.

But, happily you can actually still get your hands on one of these. Though the initial run has completely sold out, B&G are releasing a new run in May, which coincidentally enough is right about when Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft will be coming out. So, if you want to run Ravenloft like never before, follow the link below to pre-order.

via Beadle & Grimms

Legendary Edition Curse of Strahd – $359

Much to our continuing bemusement, it turns out that Wizards of the Coast was making adventures long before we were there to make Platinum Editions out of them. This may seem like an oversight on their part, and indeed we’ve argued that point long into the night with certain members of that fabled and otherwise infallible company. But lacking the magic or inclination to travel backwards in time, we’ve devised a way to bring the Wizards of the Coast back catalog, bit by bit, piece by screaming piece, into our clutches. This is our first Legendary Edition. There will be others.

It’s a classic, and we have every word of it in this box.


What we’ve done to make it a little easier to run is break up the adventure into smaller books that make it easier to navigate this pocket universe.

And we add pre-build PCs and bonus encounters, because there’s no such thing thing as too much of a good thing.

  • 17 Double Sided maps
    • Every inch of Ravenloft in loving, horrifying detail
  • Jewelry
  • 60 Encounter Cards
  • The Entire Module
  • Custom DM Screen
  • Bonus Encounters, PCs, and more!

This is all the stuff you’d normally expect–but there’s Finger Puppets!

In our annual exercise of letting certain members of the team (who will remain nameless) run amok with our budget, we bring you… finger puppets.

They’re more disturbing than they look, hard as that may be to believe.


And worse, they’re on your fingers. Looking at you. Grinning, or snarling. They whisper to you.

Happy Adventuring!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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