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D&D BREAKING: New Book Spotted – Ravenloft Teased

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Feb 22

Candlekeep Mysteries hasn’t even hit the streets yet, and already news of another D&D book is brewing. Are we about to return to Ravenloft?

Hot off the internet, a new book has been spotted, or at least the place for a new book to be–publishers like Amazon and Barnes & Nobles have released their placeholder graphics to reveal a new book that will be announced tomorrow. Here’s what we know so far:


With a May 18th release date, and a $49.95 price tag, this is yet another big supplement. Looking at past years this is around the same time books like Ghosts of Saltmarsh or Tales from the Yawning portal have come out. But we’re already getting an Adventure Anthology this year–but it is also when books like Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes have come out. So we might be seeing a monstrous manual of some kind. But we also know that three settings are coming ‘soon’ which means that it’s possible this new book is one of those.

In fact, according to a concurrent teaser, it looks like this book is some kind of return to the mist shrouded land of Ravenloft.

If you can’t watch it, this is a video of a raven and skull bedecked “ouija” style board that slowly spells out the phrase ‘The Mist Beckons’, which, combined with the spooky aesthetic seems like a sure bet that we’re returning to Ravenloft soon. This one seems pretty substantial–it’s probably not the big Summer Adventure (which releases in September, typically), but it’s probably a campaign setting book like Mythic Odysseys of Theros or Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount. Especially since we’ve recently seen the ‘Gothic Lineages’ at play in recent Unearthed Arcana.

So grab your garlic, your holy wafers and holy waters, and make sure you’ve got a source of radiant damage handy, because it looks like it’s Dracula season again.


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