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GW Rumor Engine: Giddy Up

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Feb 23

Get on your horses and get ready to ride with the latest Rumor Engine from Games Workshop!

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for a new Rumor Engine from Games Workshop and this one is all about the horses. Take a look for yourself:

via Warhammer Community

“We get many messages asking us the best way to decipher the mysterious images provided by the Rumour Engine. Since it’s a close-up, we recommend trying to get a bit of distance from your screen – maybe seeing the model at its real size will help?”

It’s a horse! Or at least, the leg and hoof of one.  This particular horse also has a scar and a gnarly looking horseshoe, too. Makes me think this particular steed has seen some action in it’s day. That makes sense given that Warhammer is a wargame and all. So I’m betting this is a warhorse of some type. So who still uses horses in Warhammer?

Attilan Rough Riders? Those haven’t been a thing in a while – maybe this would be a good way to bring them back?


The Lumineth have already gotten their Horse-based Cavalry option.

Chaos Knights ride “horses” but they typically have a bunch of armor on them still.

Chaos Marauder Horsemen are a thing still – these could be an option.

Maybe the Shadow Aelves will get new Calvary options if they ever get an army release.


There are a surprising amount of horse-riding units still out there that could get a refresh at some point from Games Workshop. There are also limitless options if GW decided to make-up new units as well. This might not even be a Horse – it could be a Centaur-type unit, too! That’s a whole OTHER world of options right there. So just because it’s a horse leg doesn’t mean it’s going to be a horse unit. That’s the fun and the mystery of the Rumor Engine!


What do you think about this Horse Leg? If you’ve got guesses or even some wishful thinking about what new unit you want it to be, let us know in the comments!

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