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MTG: Check Out Magic: Legends Deckbuilding 101

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Feb 1 2021

Magic: Legends blends the deckbuilding action of Magic: the Gathering with the fast-paced gameplay of an action-RPG. Check it out!

Magic: Legends, or Diablo: the Gathering as some folks have been calling it, is an official Magic: the Gathering Action-RPG. That is a lot of words to string together, but they are all words that interest us here at BoLS. If you want to leverage your synergy unironically, Magic: Legends is set to satisfy that same deckbuilding itch. They show it off in the latest Deckbuilding 101 trailer:

In a nutshell, you’re playing a Planeswalker who’s outfitted with spells taken straight from the decks that have been trashing you in Standard or Limited, depending on your particular flavor, only now they fuel your abilities and generate some spectacular looking particle effects:

You’ll only have 12 unique spells in your deck, and four available at a single time, cycling after you cast them. So you never know exactly what four abilities you’re going to have, much like in Magic, so there’s a lot of emphasis placed on your deck.

Each one of these spells maps directly to the five different colors of Magic and work the way you’d think they do: White heals, Black creates undead, Red blasts enemies, Green spells summon creatures, and so on.

You’ll pick from a starting color, but as you play the game, you’ll learn new spells allowing you to build a different deck, which makes for some interesting combos. You can play a Blue character, but, there’s nothing that says you have to cast Blue spells.


But it gets even better. As you can see up above, you can also upgrade your spells. And as you play the game, you’ll find different rarities of spells, it really scratches that itch. We’re excited to see what the Deckbuilding element feels like when you’re actually playing through, looking through the video, you can see characters running around with hordes of low-level monsters, casting all kinds of spells, and it looks fun–but it also looks like a lot to manage.

It all comes down to how easy it is to play with it. We’ll all be able to find out for ourselves in March!

In the meantime what do you think? Does this game scream Magic to you?

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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