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Star Wars: The Imperial Star Destroyer Breakdown

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Feb 21 2021

Let’s take a look at the first terror of the Empire, the second ship ever seen on screen in Star Wars: the Star Destroyer.

The Star Destroyer, the second ship ever seen in Star Wars, is one of the most iconic ships in all of sci-fi. And it is absolutely synonymous with the Empire. Today, let’s take a look at the ship and its capabilities.

Imperial Star Destroyer

The Imperial Star Destroyer is as heavy as it gets when it comes to capital ships. You could call it the workhorse of the Imperial Fleet, but it does so much more than work. It’s the backbone of the Navy, and a terror seen above the skies of worlds brought under Imperial Subjugation. And these wedge-shaped capital ships come suited to a variety of tasks throughout the Galaxy. But it all starts with the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer.

Imperial Star Destroyer

Star Destroyer Stats

The first Star Destroyers were developed during the latter days of the Clone Wars. They were designed originally as a replacement for the Venator-class Jedi cruisers. After the Republic fell and became the Empire, its emperor Sheev Palpatine ordered that the great shipyards of the galaxy be turned to the task of producing the pride of the Imperial Navy. That meant a new ship with a length of 1,600 meters.

It included a crew complement of over 37,000, and enough firepower to take on a small fleet all its own. That included 60 heavy turbolaser batteries, 60 ion cannons, 10 tractor beam projectors, six heavy turbolaser turrets, two quad heavy turbolasers, three triple medium turbolasers, and two medium turbolasers. Don’t forget the two dual heavy ion cannon turrets.

Each of the Imperial I-class destroyers has a complement of seventy-two TIE starfighters. Plus eight Lambda class shuttles, twenty AT-AT walkers, thirty AT-ST or AT-DP walkers, and fifteen Imperial Troop Transports.

The Star Destroyers Set Sail

These ships were veritable behemoths, and they quickly became a symbol of the new order of the galaxy. Initially, Star Destroyers were deployed to worlds beyond the Republic’s reach as vessels of subjugation and conquest. And for a time, these massive ships were seen as saviors. They brought order to the chaos of the fringe territories, and drove out the pirates and slavers from many worlds.


Imperial Star Destroyer

The Imperial II-Class

At the peak of the Empire’s power, some 25,000 Imperial Star Destroyers were in existence, many hailing from the manufacturing world of Kuat. But the Imperial I was only the forerunner. Before too long, the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer made a name for itself.

The Imperial-II began development during 5 BBY, and it was intended to become a new Imperial Flagship. The first of these saw action during the battle above the planet Scarif, where the Death Star‘s battleplans were originally developed.

Throughout the Galactic Civil War, the Imperial II’s rose to prominence, and would be instrumental in the Emperor’s Contingency plan, which launched Operation Cinder. These are more heavily armored, and outfitted with advanced communication tools, they continue to see use in the Imperial Remnants.

Either variant is powerful. Some starfighter pilots boast of taking them on singlehandedly, especially during X-Wing vs TIE Fighter conflicts

…but surely such tales are exaggerations at best.


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