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SSI’s Gold (Box) Standard For D&D Video Games – Prime

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Feb 10

If you've ever played a D&D video game, you likely owe it all to one company - SSI. Here's how a golden box made a name for cRPGs.

D&D and video games are an inseparable pair. Truly. Neither would be what they are today without the other. Whether it's D&D's influence that helped shape early video games--and not just early RPGs, but providing some of the most taken-for-granted, elemental particles of a video game, like boss fights--or how later video games would refine some of D&D's crude concepts and make them imminently more playable, it's undeniable how much the two mediums have grown together.

And if you've ever played a cRPG, you owe quite a bit to one company. SSI, makers of the famous "gold box" games helped put D&D in the homes of more and more gamers--even if they did ultimately contribute to the demise of TSR. But for now, let's take a look at how one company took D&D into the digital age.

Now, we've talked before about how D&D inspired some of the earliest video games--games that went on to be wildly successful in their own rights, like the Ultima series. But these games used D&D as a sort of loose inspiration, meaning that...

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