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Warhammer 40K: Necron Royal Court, Astartes Honor Guard, And Necromunda Minis

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Feb 21

Next week sees the release of some thematic boxed sets that were previously only available in Indomitus, alongside some new heroes for Necromunda.

As if the Kill Team expansion wasn’t enough, next week the battlefields of the distant future where there is only war gets some more reinforcements with the pre-order release of two new boxed sets that collect some of the gorgeous minis from Indomitus. Take a look.

via Warhammer Community

First up, the Space Marines Honoured of the Chapter box includes the Primaris Chaplain, Judiciar, and Bladeguard Ancient, as well as the three Bladeguard Veterans and Eradicators.

If you want the most regal of Space Marines, this is a hearty box to start off with. You’ll get all the pageantry you could possibly want in a single kit and between heavy shields and heavy weapons, you’ll have an elite fighting force that can supplement any army.

For those Necron players out there, it’s equally regal, with a new set entitled the Royal Court.

The Necrons Royal Court set sorts you out with some key Necron units – the Skorpekh Lord, Canoptek Reanimator, Plasmancer, and a pair of Cryptothralls.


Between this and the Commander Chronomancer, a savvy player will Jane the beginnings of their own dynasty. But if the big conflicts of the galaxy aren’t your speed, the smaller scale ones are also heating up.

Check out the newest four Necromunda. House Orlock gets a new Champion and retinue:

This trio of resin miniatures is perfect for depicting any of your gang’s senior ranks, be they a Road Captain (Leader), Road Sergeant (Champion), or Gunner (Ganger). Lay down fire and protect your turf with three of the House of Iron’s best fighters.

And House Cawdor gets their own “hero” Rattus Tatterskin:

The infamous Cawdor Hive Scum also emerges from the shadows next weekend as a wonderfully characterful resin miniature, armed with his custom heavy stubber, the Flagellator. If your redemption finds itself stalling, try adding Rattus Tatterskin (and his loyal rat minions) to your gang and kick things up a notch in the firepower – and smelliness – departments.


All this next week!

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