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Warhammer 40K: Uriel Ventris Gets New Rules With New Model

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Feb 17

For the 2021 Black Library Celebration Captain Uriel Ventris is getting a new model – plus some new rules! Come check them both out.

The Black Library Celebration brings a character from the novels to the tabletop with a new model and this year it’s Uriel Ventris, hero of The Swords of Calth and six other novels.

Well today, we’re getting a closer look at the rule for the newly minted Primaris Captain. So let’s dive in!

via Warhammer Community

“You can add Captain Uriel Ventris to any army with the Ultramarines faction keyword for 110 points or 6 Power. For this cost, he brings everything you’d expect from a Primaris Captain to the table and a fair bit more.”

Stat-wise, he’s pretty much what you’d expect for a Primaris Captain. So that’s already a pretty beefy set of stats. But more than that, he’s also packing some pretty good firepower. His boltgun is a Relic of the Chapter – it’s got a fancy named and everything:


While it’s still technically a boltgun, it’s essentially as deadly as a fancy new Primaris bolt rifle. The 30″ range makes it perfect for staying in the trenches and gunline with his new Primaris brethren. If Uriel does happen to get in close, it just so happens that his power sword is ALSO a Relic of the Chapter:

That puts him at 5 strength 5 attacks with AP -3 and 3 Damage each. That’s a lot of potential damage and is perfect for dueling other characters or maybe even swinging at larger targets, too. Oh and if he’s your Warlord he comes stock with the Warlord Trait Paragon of War. That means he causes an additional mortal wound on unmodified to wound rolls of 6.

He’s also still a Captain – so Rites of Battle is a thing he’s got…

…along with good old Bolter Discipline.


Okay – so most of this stuff is pretty standard. How about some entirely new rules?

“If you’ve read any of the novels, you’ll know that Ventris is famed for his unconventional solutions to battlefield problems, which is reflected in his Unorthodox Strategist ability. This allows him to reduce the CP cost of the Adaptive Strategy Stratagem from Codex: Space Marines, letting you react to the changing situation in your games and disrupt enemy plans with ease.”

This is a pretty nice and fluffy addition! It fits his character and is thematic. Also, let’s not forget that he’s the Captain of the 4th – and that gives him another ability if you include him in your Crusade Force.

“Harness the power of Ventris’ strike cruiser, Vae Victus, and rain wrath upon the battlefield in your narrative games!”

Call in some Orbital Bombardments from the Space Marine Armada!


The good Captain will be up for pre-order this weekend along with his new book – The Swords of Clath. It should be a good look at a known character’s transition to a Primaris Marine as well their first major adventure since crossing the Primaris Rubicon!


What do you think of the Captain’s new rule? Let us know in the comments!

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