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Warhammer: Be’lakor, The First Daemon Prince Reborn

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Feb 20

Be’lakor is getting a new model and a new attitude to match. The First Prince Rises – and he seems angry!

The first mortal to acend to the rank of Daemon Prince was Be’lakor. Unfortunately, the Chaos Gods are kind of practical jokers and instead of making him a king, they made him a prince and herald of kings. Oops. Well, he’s back with a new model and is looking to settle the score:

Be’lakor Reborn


This video leaves little doubt – Be’lakor is coming back with a brand new model and he looks ready to start a fight! He’s appears to be standing on top of a chaos warrior – so maybe he’s finally had enough of crowning other kings and is deciding to take the crown for himself. We’ll see how this pans out for the First Daemon Prince. I doubt the Chaos Gods will appreciate his new attitude…

In any case, this looks to be a major upgrade to his current model and I look forward to his new plastic kit when it arrives!

What do you think of this Daemon Prince’s new look? Let us know in the comments!

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