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Warhammer: Five Kits We Want To See Updated In 2021

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Feb 05

What are the odds these kits get updated in 2021? Probably slim. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to see them get a new look!

When you start going through the catalogue of Games Workshop miniatures you realize just how long some of these kits have been in service. And while these kits aren’t the oldest they sure have put in a lot of work and should probably be up for a rework to the new standards of GW’s kits. There are many more in that line, but these are the ones we’ve picked out that might need a fast-track option.

Cadian Shock Troops

This kit is a classic workhorse kit. But folks, look at the sprues included in this kit:

There is a TON of wasted space on these sprues. Compare that to something more modern like the Scions:

You can see the density and technological improvements – and GW has only gotten better since the Scions, by the way. Imagine what GW could do for the most basic Astra Militarum kit if they wanted to redesign the models and create newer sprues…It could be glorious!

Tyranids Termagant Brood


At least they are plastic….but this kit turns 21 this year. Yep, it’s going to be legal to drink in the US. This plastic kit was first copyrighted in 2000 – it says so on the sprue:

Again, look at all that empty space. Given the fact that these are also boxed in an awkward number of 12 (plus 1 ripper swarm) isn’t about time GW redesigned the classic Termagants? It’s not that this is a bad kit – it’s been serviceable for 21 years – it’s just that I’m sure the design team could crank out some amazing sculpts and fit a ton more on these sprues.

Deadwalker Zombies

Oh did you think it was just going to be 40k kits? Guess again. These zombies are looking dated. How dated? I’d say late 90’s dated:

1999 to be exact.


This kit has put in it’s time and it’s time to retire these zombies. They were functional and they were good for what they were…but imagine what GW could do TODAY with zombie designs. The Mortal Realms are a whole new ballpark to play around in and the art team could really work some wonderful magic with zombies. I mean, even the Poxwalkers blow these out of the water and they are just 40k Nurgle Zombies:

Imagine new zombies with the new technology and sculpting GW has…they would be amazing.

Guardian Squad

Yet another basic infantry kit that is showing it’s age. Are they serviceable still? Sure. And really, we could have picked ANY of the older plastic kits from the Craftworld Aeldari range – the Aspect Warriors for example – but the Guardians are their bread-and-butter.

I don’t even think GW uses sprues this size any more for their modern kits. Lots of empty space  which means there’s lots of room for improvements. Upgrading these to a new kit means that GW can reset the baseline for the Aeldari and maybe update the rest, too.

Savage Boarboys

So the new Savage Orruk Warband is slated for a May release. The sculpts they have teased are already waaaay better than these old Savage Orruks. So we’d like to see the Savage Orruks get an overhaul. Plus, compared to the Ironjawz, these poor Savage Orruks are severely lacking:


…At least in the model department, maybe not so much in the rules department.


Will we see any of these old kits get a 2021 glow-up? Who knows! Let us know what units you’d like to see get a makeover in 2021 in the comments.

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