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Warhammer Odyssey’s Global Soft Launch Is Here, 1st Big Patch

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Feb 22

Warhammer Odyssey, the mobile Warhammer Fantasy MMO, has hit their ‘soft launch’ phase with patch 1.03, raising the level cap and more!

Warhammer Odyssey will take you back into The Old World with its call to adventure. As Morrislieb, the Chaos Moon waxes full, and daemons and heretics enact their vile schemes upon the land, it’s up to a few chosen heroes to step forth and show the world what it means to be a true champion. And now the game has entered its ‘Global Soft Launch’ phase, meaning it’s available most everywhere on Android or iOS, and the latest patch released has raised the level cap and added a few more things. Let’s check it out.

via Warhammer Odyssey

Today is our Global Soft Launch! We’re adding two new maps, raising the level cap to 40, new lvl 25 Actions, and added two new worlds (Manann and Ranald in addition to Taal). We continue to balance our classes and is ongoing for the foreseeable future.

Here’s a list of everything new in Patch 1.0.3

Wasteland map is now available!
Marienburg Suid map is now available!

Player level cap is increased to 40.


Players can now learn the level 25 Action.

Witch Hunter
Veteran passive gains physical resistance.
Tenacious Enemy passive gains physical avoidance.

Warrior Priest
Excoriation Enhancement levels will generate Threat.
Removed damage bonus from Enhancement levels in Radiant Blast.
Radiant Blast Enhancement levels will generate Threat.
Reduced damage from Penitent Strike.
Sigmar’s Chosen armour bonus has been reduced.

Increased Overcast charging time for Earth Blood.
Doubled maximum bonus from Overcast for Earth Blood.
Earth Blood healing bonus now affects the heal over time instead of the initial heal.

Ruby Rose Inn and Reiks Watch Fort now require you to complete a quest to unlock.

Clicking on quest icons on the map will provide details about the quest.

Fixed various collision issues.
Fixed various instances of z-fighting.
Optimized various models in Marienburg.


Calven Weiss will now has the option to transport you back to Rijkspoort from the Wasteland.
Improved descriptions for some quest objectives.
Quest tracker will now always default to main quest.

Items now have a stack limit
New food options that regenerate both Health and Energy.
Minor improvements to food descriptions.

Players can no longer send items to themselves.
Limit mail attachments to 5 items.

Implement Auction Limit to 3 Listings (this can be upgraded from the Premium Shop).
Added new servers in preparation for Global Soft Launch.

Fixed bright pink flash when starting the game.
Slayer’s Health bar will always be shown while ‘Doom’ is active.
The Quest Directional Arrow will now prioritize main quest objectives.
Fixed various typos when speaking to NPCs.
Fixed issue with Gor having no attack animation.
Fixed error when a trade with another player is cancelled.

Warrior Priest changes do not reflect on Action description. (It has the old values from 1.0.2).
The Guilders awarded from the First Time Bonus when purchasing Sovereigns is more than stated.
* 30 Sovereigns awards 15 Guilders
* 160 Sovereigns awards 80 Guilders
* 330 Sovereigns awards 165 Guilders.
* 690 Sovereigns awards 345 Guilders.
* 1850 Sovereigns awards 925 Guilders.
* 3900 Sovereigns awards 1950 Guilders

Happy Adventuring!

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