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Age of Sigmar: How to Play Slaves to Darkness – Idolators

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Mar 24 2021

Today we look into the Idolators faction of Slaves to Darkness. They say the squeaky wheel gets the oil, and sometimes that oil is the blood of your enemies…

Rounding out our Slaves to Darkness series, we have the newest addition to the forces of Archaon, the fanatical Idolators released in Broken Realms: Morathi. They strive to desecrate the idols of the “false gods” and lift up their own chaos entities. Here are some quick tips for playing the Idolators and a few models to consider if you want to bring them along.

What Are Idolators?

Like the Cabalists, the Idolators are made up of charismatic leaders and the hordes of cultists who follow their every word. However, where the Cabalists show their devotion to Chaos through sorcery and sacrifice, the Idolators show their faith by tearing down the religious iconography of the other factions and raising their own. The largest concentration of Warcry clans can be found in the ranks of the Idolators, each hoping to show their superiority in the eyes of the wild-eyed priests and, by extension, Archaon himself.

Why Play Idolators?

Idolators are to Priests what Cabalists are to mages, and since your opponent can’t really stop prayers, they have a slight edge. Your primary leader will be in a chariot, and you’ll be able to field all the warbands from Warcry, so you’ll have a unique-looking Chaos army that still has a ton of tricks.


  • Powered up priests dishing out buffs are always good
  • Since Cultists are battleline, you can bring some of the more powerful warbands as cheap battleline to back up your chariot squad
  • Your primary leader is a chariot priest, combining power with buff skills
  • All the Cultist buffing in the Slaves to Darkness book benefits you more than others
  • You can shut down your opponent’s terrain


  • Even though priests are cool, since Slaves to Darkness doesn’t have a Prayer selection, though won’t be as strong as other prayer factions like Fyreslayers or Daughters
  • Your primary battleline, while cool, isn’t as focused or strong
  • Your army has no artefacts, so your only buffs are from prayers

Signature Rules
The following rules apply to all Slaves to Darkness armies.

  • Aura of Chaos – All your heroes have a Chaos Mark, and they passively empower nearby units with the same mark. This can range from spell immunity to hit re-rolls or immunity to battleshock. Your general gets a buffed aura.
  • Eye of the Gods – Whenever one of your heroes with the Eye of the Gods keyword takes down an enemy hero or monster, they get to roll 2d6 and gain a random effect as the Chaos Gods observe their mighty deeds. This could be incredible, elevating the hero to a mighty Daemon Prince, or horrific, devolving them into a Spawn. The gods, after all, are fickle.

The following rule applies only to Idolators.

  • Blessed of Chaos – Priests get +1 to prayers and become leaders. Helps get those buffs off nice and strong.
  • Panoply of Ruin – Makes Cultists Battleline, and when they charge the lowest roll changes to a 6. If you’re bringing one of the faster warbands along, like Corvus Cabal, basically guarantees your charges.
  • Idolator Lords – Turns one of your Chariots into a single model Hero and Priest unit that uses the Exalted Charioteer stats and gains a special prayer based on what Mark you give it. This should be your general, no question.
  • Destroy the False Idols – When your units are hitting Priests, they get +1 to wound, and you get a special command trait that lets you turn off terrain features. Shut down those powerful Sylvaneth or Idoneth pieces and watch your opponent scramble.

Slaves to Darkness don’t have subfactions in the traditional sense, so this doesn’t apply.

5 Key Units

The Idolators will have a lot of heroes and a massive horde of lesser followers, but unlike Cabalists, you’ll want to be aggressive with your heroes.

Gorebeast Chariot – Between the two Chariots, I think this one is a little better for your Idolator Lord since it’s a little tougher and the damage is a bit more consistent. Without the benefit of artifacts you want your hero to have as much punch as possible, so this is definitely the way to go.

Chaos Chariot – Battleline in Slave to Darkness and great regardless. Very fast and can run and charge once per battle. Take them in units of one to get the most out of their charge rule.


Chaos Warshrine – Leaders in your army since they’re priests. A good secondary leader to follow your Idolator Lord around.

Ogroid Myrmidon – A Cultist-buffing machine and a powerhouse in his own right. Use him to keep your fragile Cultists from running away.

Cultists – Any of the Warcry units are a good addition to an Idolator army, so pick your preferred flavor. Use them to screen your tougher units.


Sample Army (1000 pts)

Army: Slaves to Darkness (Idolators)

Leader: Idolator Lord on Gorebeast Chariot. General. Command Trait: Fiery Orator. Mark: Slaanesh. Prayer: Blessings of Slaanesh


Leader: Ogroid Myrmidon.

Battleline: Chaos Chariot. Greatblade. Mark: Slaanesh.

Battleline: Chaos Chariot. Greatblade. Mark: Slaanesh.

Battleline: Chaos Chariot. Greatblade. Mark: Slaanesh.

Battleline: 18 Corvus Cabal.

Unit: Chaos Warshrine. Mark: Slaanesh.

How to Play Idolators

Try to outflank with your Chariots and pick your charges carefully. You are a small but powerful force, so make sure you make the most of every move.

For Chaos!


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