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Blood Bowl: Death Zone Offers New Options And Rules

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Mar 05

Blood Bowl is getting a new companion book that really opens things up for Teams on the Pitch with mercenary players, new rules, and new ways to play!

This one goes out for all those veteran coaches out there for Blood Bowl. If you’ve been looking for ways to shore-up your team’s weakness or if you’ve been looking for ways to change the way you play up, then Death Zone is the companion book you’ve been waiting for. This is the first major supplement for the game and every coach is going to get some new toys to work with.

via Warhammer Community

Mercenary Players

“These freelance players aren’t quite as well known as Star Players (yet), but they offer crucial skills to patch up a weak spot in a team’s roster and allow you to mix things up to keep your rivals guessing. 

With five broad categories and loads of options for each, there’s a Mercenary that’s just right for teams of any size and disposition. From this wide pool, coaches can pick and choose those with the skills they need – albeit for a price. Maybe you want to add some serious punch with a Bona Fide Big Guy.”

That’s not all either. These Mercs can also come with special trait packages that change up their abilities even further. For example:


Swap some skills around and get exactly what you’re looking for in your Merc Player. As long as you’ve got the coin, you can get the players you need for the skills or strategy you want to try out on the pitch.

New Venues

Tired of the same old arena? Why not spice things up with a brand new venue to play at? These new areas offer you new environments to play your games in. Take your games underground for a new challenge:

Or maybe you prefer the great outdoors – just don’t get caught in a blizzard…unless you want to give a snow game a go!

New Ways To Play

“Ever tried a game of Sevens?” Maybe you’ve never heard of it – but it’s another way to play Blood Bowl.

“Named for the smaller size of the teams, Sevens is a beloved version of the game. It’s usually played by amateur teams for fun, practice, or the attention of a franchise recruiter. Along with a smaller team, Sevens is played on a smaller pitch, and the action is that much more intense for it. “


The rules are very similar to a standard game – everything is just more compact. This leads to faster set up, faster games, and more action on the pitch! You can still use the same league rules from the standard games as well. This is a perfect mode for coaches who might be a bit short of time.

“Perhaps the best part of Sevens is a new type of Inducement that represents the way amateur teams play. These Desperate Measures add loads of character, like this one which represents entrenched rivalries between local teams. “

Why not grab a few friends and throw down in the action packed format of Sevens!? Just think of all the Grudge Matches you can have…


Keep an eye out for the upcoming Supplement – Death Zone. Coming to a pitch near you!

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