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D&D: Minsc And Friends From Baldur’s Gate 2 Singing Will Haunt Your Soul

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Mar 15 2021

Have you ever wondered what it would look like to see the characters of Baldur’s Gate 2 sing? Neither have I, but it’s going to haunt your soul.

Look, facial recognition software is a blight on personal freedoms, that’s easy enough for anyone to see. And only the barest pretense of making the world safer gives companies an astoundingly invasive look at, not only your personal data, but your identity. Combo that with the ability for an AI to engage in deeplearning and match, say, Nicolas Cage’s face onto, well, anything, and you have the cyberpunk dystopia that many games have been played in.

And it’s come a long long way–what used to take teams of people can now be done by an app. Sure, it’s not convincing, but you can see how close the dystopia is, and nowhere is that more evident than in seeing the character portraits from Baldur’s Gate 2 indulge in some meme-worthy karaoke using, an AI-powered lip sync app, which will almost certainly use the data gathered to make our world a nightmarish tech hellscape where nobody knows what is and isn’t real someday.

But for now, you can see pretty much anyone singing Dragostea Din Tei, so at least the ride there will have a good 2004 meme song along the way. The video was uploaded by YouTuber Balduran’s Armory who has been doing a lot of work with Baldur’s Gate 2 portraits in other videos.

Anyway, this is the future, and we’re rushing headlong towards it, but, from the look of things, there’s still a ways to go before we’re deep in the uncanny valley.

Even though we’re all doomed, at least we’ll have Minsc’s sultry gaze to see us off to our destruction.


Of course the other side effect of this video is that you will end up with the Fortnite Song stuck in your head. Hopefully passing the curse along to someone else will get it free, but, there’s no telling.

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