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Necromunda: New Allies, New Models – Meet The Water Guild

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Mar 04

Games Workshop is showing off some brand new ally models with the reveal of the Water Guild for Necromunda!

In the latest Underhive Informant GW teases the background and showcases the new models of the Water Guild for Necromunda – and they are looking cool.

via Warhammer Community

For any rookies in the room, the Mercator Nautica controls ALL of the water on Necromunda, from the sluice run-off that’s essential to the bulk industrial process to the recycled stuff we use in the patrol house to make recaff. Since it’s such a big business, they’re more than happy to grab some ganger to help out while taking those sloshing tanks out to places like the badzones.

The models above represent a “delegation” from the Water Guild. They are Master Nautican, a Syphonite, and a Subnautican. The Master Nautican (middle) is the most well equipped of the bunch, “but they prefer to leave the fighting to their underlings.” The Syphonite (left) carries a strange staff that can apparently suck the water right out of a person or “bleed water from their victims.” And finally, we have the Subnautican. That’s the big ol’fella in the diving suit.

Subnauticans actually fulfill a very important role in the Underhive. They dive into the cisterns and reservoirs of the Hive to ensure they are functioning properly. Their diving suits are heavily armored (probably to withstand the water pressures when diving).

In any case, they are coming to a Hive near you! The Water Guild is known to have a strong alliance with Escher Gangs but don’t be surprised if they show up in other gangs, too. The dangers of Necromunda can make for some strange alliances in desperate times. Plus, these models look pretty freaking cool so I’m sure other non-Escher players will want to use them right alongside their gangs, too.



What do you think of the Water Guild Models? Kinda makes me hope we see more from this line!

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