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Necromunda: Redemptionist & Boxed Set Revealed

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Mar 20 2021

There is a new batch of zealots heading to the Underhive as well as a new Boxed Set to get you started. Check it out!

We’ve gotten hints that the Redemptionists were on the way and now we’ve got them coming alongside a new source book for Cawdor!

Burn the Heretics – and everything else…

The Redemptionists are the fiery zealots of the Underhive. A Cult within the Cawdor House, they are all about big chainswords and even bigger flames! This gang can be a part of a Cawdor gang or a force unto it’s own. Rules for them will be found in the upcoming House of Faith:

Which is of course, the next Necromunda book on the way! Exciting times for Necromunda fans. But that’s not all…

A New Hive War Boxed Set

If you’re looking to dive into Necromunda but aren’t sure where to start, this new Hive War boxed set is perfect for two players to get started. It features all the stuff you need to play PLUS two gangs: Escher and Delaque!


Time to get ready to battle in the close corridors of the Hive once more. Also – templates! Hah – it’s been a while.


Delaque vs Escher? Cawdor and the Remptionists? Yes Please!

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