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Ray Guns, Space Ships, & a Famous Giant Ape Cast in Metal

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Mar 12 2021

Protect yourself from bronze alien foes with this amazing hand-cast aluminum ray gun.

Scott Nelles is a sculptor that creates unique pieces inspired by vintage sci-fi, retro architecture, and classic cars (as well as some adorable animals) out of cast metals. There’s a lot of whimsy and fun in his work – like this coin bank with cartoon proportion astronauts.

They’re made using the oldest method (dates back to 1300 BC) of bronze casting – sand casting. The mold is created by placing a pattern into a box and packing it with sand. A binding agent is added to harden the sand, then it’s cured, and the pattern is removed to create a mold that the bronze is poured into. This method is great for irregular shapes.

Nelles takes us through the process of making a mold and pouring bronze in his studio…



Want one of his sculptures? Lucky for you, he sells them to regular shmoes like you and me. These and more are all available via his Etsy store.

Ray Gun – Item #920


“This is an exact copy of one of the artifacts that were given to me when I was abducted and taken into an alien spacecraft. Friends tell me that this explains a lot about some of the quirks in my personality.”

  • Cast Aluminum and Bronze
  • Spring Trigger for Cosmic Rays
  • 15″ long and 6″ high, weighs 4 pounds


Flying Saucer

  • Bronze Aliens are 2.5″ to 4″ tall
  • Aluminum Spaceship is 7.5″ x 10″, weighs 4lbs
  • Saucer is two pieces and can be opened

Land Speed Racer

“They ran them on dry lake beds and created legends in pursuit of the speed records of the day. Some gave their lives in the races that energized the auto world. I’ve tried to capture the spirit of the early land speed record challengers. Somewhere in between hot rod and high tech 1933 style, the ‘Nelles Racer’ beats them all.”

  • Bronze and aluminum
  • 4″ x 13.5″ long, weighs 6 pounds

King Kong Coin Bank

  • Aluminum and bronze
  • 15″ high and 5″ wide, weighs 4 pounds

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