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The Four Most Fun Lego Star Wars Characters

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Mar 25 2021

Whether you’re watching the shows or playing the games, Lego: Star Wars brings a level of fun to the galaxy, but which characters are the MOST fun?

Darth Maul

Even as a Lego character Darth Maul is so serious. It’s almost impossible for a Lego figure to not look a little silly or clumsy and thirty seconds after this the above screen grab was taken he bumps into something he should have seen, but he’s still all business all the time. It’s a little like seeing a very grumpy baby; it’s cute even if they don’t want it to be. For game playability, if you want a strong character with a high jump, Maul may be your guy, but it’s Lego and I pay the most attention to the characters that made me laugh.


If you watched the Lego Holiday Special, you saw what a fun, cute ride it was through most of the Star Wars canon while making fun of it in the most loving way possible. Including introducing over-the-top innocent farm boy Luke complete with a rectangular elementary school style carton of blue milk. Normally the character is a pretty normal amount of goofy for the Lego series while also being powerful and useful during gameplay, but this particular version kicked it up to eleven. Basically, Lego Luke is just fun. Fun to play, fun to watch, and fun to affectionately make fun of.

Rowan Freemaker

The Freemaker Adventures were one of those entirely missable shows that added nothing meaningful or serious to the canon, but was still strangely very enjoyable. As a Lego show, the characters play fast and loose with force powers and reality, but it doesn’t matter. It’s Lego, it’s just supposed to be fun. Rowan gets into about as much trouble as you would expect of a twelve-year-old with a connection to the force, as some of the most major characters from the movies drift in and out of his periphery. As far as I know, this is a character who will likely never show up in a Lego: Star Wars game, but if you want a Star Wars themed laugh, The Freemaker Adventures are great.


One way to make Rise of Skywalker immediately more palatable and enjoyable is to mentally replace any mention or appearance of Emperor Palpatine with his Lego counterpart. He’s more of an unhinged grandpa on vacation than a terrifying leader and everything he does is so over the top and hilarious. Lego took a character who was decidedly not funny in any way and made him a bizarre devil-may-care delight. And if you’re playing the games as opposed to watching the shows or movies, Lego Palpatine’s force lightning powers make him easily one of the most powerful Sith characters to chose from.


Who are your favorite Lego: Stars Wars characters? Do you prefer TV shows and movies, or to play the games? Are any characters missing from the Legoverse that you wish they would add? Let us know in the comments!

May The Force Be With You, Adventurers!

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