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Warhammer Odyssey: New Patch Preps For Hard Launch

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Mar 08

A new patch is out for Warhammer Odyssey, the mobile mmo set in Warhammer Fantasy’s world. Come and see what hotfixes are in place ahead of launch day.

Get ready to delve deep into a world haunted by the Chaos Moon Morrislieb, as the world of Warhammer Odyssey beckons. If you missed it, just a couple of weeks ago, Warhammer Odyssey, the Warhammer Fantasy mobile mmo, kicked off its global “soft launch” becomig available on Android and iOS devices, as well as raising the overall level cap of the game and adding in a new class.

Now that the game’s been in its ‘soft launch phase’ for a bit, the developers are rolling out a hotfix patch that addresses some major issues, and some speculate, heralds the imminent global “full launch” with all that that entails. Today’s patch includes a number of quest updates and balance tweaks for the Witch Hunter and Warrior Priest.

via Virtual Realms

Today we are implementing various fixes to Main Story Quests, increased loot drops, and minor UI improvements. We’re prioritizing improving basic gameplay and fixing issues preventing players from playing with others. We’ve already begun working on new content and we will be sharing more details on our social media pages in the coming weeks.

Patch Notes – 1.0.4

Witch Hunter
– Reduced Stun duration and increased cooldown.
– Flourishing Strike will no longer consume Mark if you miss.

Warrior Priest
– Protective Blessing initial Armour & Health buff has been reduced slightly.
– Protective Blessing buff duration has been increased.
– Protective Blessing enhancements have been spread out slightly.
– Blessing of Fortitude initial Armour & Health buff has been reduced slightly.
– Blessing of Fortitude buff duration has been increased.
– Blessing of Fortitude enhancements have been spread out slightly


– Infusing Bolt now restores target’s energy based on the damage the Archmage receives.

– The ‘Quest guidance arrow’ will now prioritize the Main Story Quests.
– ‘In For the Long Haul’ quest items will no longer be used for fast travel.
– Items needed to be picked up for various quests has been increased.
– Items needed to be picked up for various quests respawn faster.
– New Fast Travel Quest ‘Patching Things Up’ in Drakwald Forest.
– Repeatable quests now only award experience upon completion.

– Added missing vendors and blacksmiths in the Wasteland.

– Drop rate for Remarkable gear has been increased.

– More mobs required for certain quests have been added to reduce camping.
– Increased the amount of damage from elemental damage-over-time effects.
– Trooper Tolzen has learned how to use a pistol to use when dueling players.
– Balanced the health of Dark Elves in the Wasteland.

– Greatly increased the ability to zoom on the map.

– You can now select the item quantity when purchasing items in the shop.
– The amount of Guilder obtained from First Time Sovereign purchase has been corrected (increased).


– Disabled ‘double-tap to inspect’ when clicking on players to make it easier to target allies during combat.

– Improved issue with game appearing to lock up/freeze on iOS devices.
– Changed behavior of the Graphic Quality settings to make it more clear.
– Fixed issue causing “The access token is invalid.”
– New “UnlockFPS” toggle in Audio/Video settings to allow for 60 FPS gameplay.
— Please note that using this feature may increase battery drain or cause low-end devices to overheat.

– iOS 14.0 or greater is required to play Warhammer: Odyssey.

– The ‘Quest guidance arrow’ will no longer switch to a Side Quest when completing an objective from MSQ.
– Fixed the Trade Cancelled message when one user enters combat.
– Players will now be directed to the App Store/Play Store instead of our website if their game is out of date.
– Fixed issue where there could be more than one ‘General’ in a Regiment.
– Fixed typo with Slayer’s ‘Doom’ action.
– Resolved issue with Warrior Priest actions displaying incorrect values.
– Various text enhancements and fixes.
– Various VFX improvements.

Good luck, adventurers!

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